Q&A Scene: Jess Spahr

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?

My new single ‘ Tensions’ has just been released YAY!

The song was written about my personal experience with sexual harassment.

But it isn’t the kind of song that you would expect to hear, when talking about something quite serious. It is upbeat, fun and quirky, it is a song when dancing you can put the middle finger up to the dude who hurt you haha ..

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?

My favourite work would have to be ‘ Weapon of Capture’ from my last EP; My last EP is extremely different to what I am writing now. But that’s what makes music interesting it is ever evolving hehe..

How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 


I feel my sound is like a chicken nugget from good old Maccy D’s since It is crunchy on the outside and so delectable on the inside and with added sweet and sour sauce it gives it that sweetness that you adore.

It is fun, quirky and always get you in a good mood and that’s what I feel my music evokes.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

Haha, all mine stories are  ‘have to be there moments’. But I think the best one that comes to mind is;

I was in the studio recording with my good friend and producer, we ended up having to stay overnight at the studio.

The establishment gave me a really nice mattress with pillows and soaps full hotel style. My poor producer got a dodgy foam mattress and slept in the kitchen. BAHA I laughed at his complaints.

AnyHoo for some reason he kept standing and walking over my mattress with his dirty feet ( massive pet hate) I feel this was a protest for being kicked out into the kitchen. So being female and liking to sleep on nice clean sheets I yelled at him to stop standing on my mattress and pillow with his dirty feet.

He stomped off and yelled put the air con on, which I did, I thought I was so lucky as well since it was in my end of the studio mwhahah. I then went to have a shower and when I came out BOOM !, it was like walking in to the Sahara dessert. Instead of putting the bloody cooling air on I accidentally put the heater on.

IT WAS MID SUMMER 40 DEGREES OUTSIDE AND INSIDE. Sooooo KARMA SUCKS. The roar of laughter from the kitchen was humiliating.

What, or who, inspires you?

Lots of people inspire me in all different aspects of life.

For general living – My Mum and Dad, not just cause they are my parents, but these guys have it completely down packed with life. Neither have been given anything they just worked for it. LOVE IT!!

Music – There are so many musicians that inspire me to write. But my all time Fav and I have quoted them before, but massive inspiration for me is London Grammar just love them.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Dead set wish I wrote Hotel California by the Eagles … BAHAHAH I play air guitar to that song and I have perfected it so much you would think I am a Guitarist.

What’s next for you?

Currently I am working on my second EP, which should be released at the end of this year YAY!

I am also touring Europe I have a few shows booked in already and more to come WOOT.

An East Coast tour of NSW is also in the works.

Look up my facey for details.

What’s your scene?

My scene is –  being in everyone’s scene haha; I don’t really have a set scene. I love all different kind of genres and never set myself to one.

Jess Spahr isn’t your run of the mill musician. She picked up the violin at the age of 6, going on  to train as a classical pianist. Young Jess started winning eisteddfods all around Sydney, receiving countless awards and high fives along the way.

In 2018 she recorded and released her debut single, ‘Betray Me’. The track channelled the electronic downtempo vibes of Morcheeba and picked up spins via unearthed and triple j. Over the past several months Jess has been writing and recording, churning out tracks to get a feel for her artistic sense of direction. This brings us to her follow up single, ‘Tensions’.

Despite being a quirky and catchy-as-hell slice of Electro Pop, the lyrical content of ‘Tensions’ is more serious, describing the challenges and unwarranted propositions most young women experience throughout life


7th July – Acoustic Set, Croydon Lane Cronulla

20th September – Berlin Bar

23rd September – Fox Bar Munich

29th September – The Islington London


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