Q&A Scene: Jennifer Kingwell

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
THE NINTH WAVE: HOWLERWEEN is both a celebration of the 30th anniversary of Kate Bush’s ‘Hounds of Love’ album (‘The Ninth Wave’ is the name of the ‘Hounds’ B-side ‘album-within-an-album’) and a party to usher in this year’s Samhain/All Hallow’s Eve/Halloween. Thus, ‘Hounds of Love’ at Howler for Halloween = HOWLERWEEN. My band The Garland Thugs and I will be playing the whole ‘Hounds of Love’ album live with some awesome special guests, there’ll be ace DJs playing witch house and grrrl party jams, costume and door prizes, and a Wuthering Heights dance off (!!) which I’m stupidly excited about.

[pullquote]Chaos, transformation, mythology, people watching, anger, grief, hope. [/pullquote]So yeah. Essentially we’re throwing a big fuck off epic Halloween Kate Bush party and everyone’s invited!

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
Well, I’m vegan, and my music tends to be a little dark and bittersweet and enhanced by the addition of a little liquor, so I’d have to say Diospyros digyna – the black sapote, otherwise known as chocolate pudding fruit or black persimmon.

Which song resonates most strongly and why?
Well, if we’re talking songs off the ‘Hounds of Love’ album, it would have to be the title track – it’s so fierce and defiant in its expression of vulnerability, and I just love those huge 80s toms, and the use of classic synth/sampler the Fairlight CMS to sample dialogue from b-grade horror flick Night of the Demon in the intro is a great example of how Kate is so experimental and creative as a producer, as well as a songwriter and performer.

Any on the road anecdotes?
Not that I’m putting to print! At least not until I’m ready to publish my memoirs…

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Chaos, transformation, mythology, people watching, anger, grief, hope.

What’s next for you?
I’m working on a really exciting project with my good friend and collaborator Plum Green that we’ll be announcing pretty soon.

What’s your scene?
Where riot grrrl punk, cabaret love and art music collide.

About Jennifer Kingwell

Lovers of Kate Bush are in for a rare treat this October, as Jennifer Kingwell, her band The Garland Thugs and a stunning coterie of special guests give new life to classic album Hounds of Love with a spectacular one-night-only concert. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Hounds of Love, and in honour of Bush’s infamous love of and influence by horror movies and themes, this event will take place on the cusp of Halloween  – Thursday 29 October, at renowned live music venue Howler.

The Ninth Wave is Kingwell’s take on one of Bush’s most iconic albums; a richly theatrical realisation that brings to life the ‘album within an album’ – itself called The Ninth Wave -on the Hounds of Love B-side. With a typical la Bush imaginative flourish, The Ninth Wave is a song cycle centred around an overboard sailor who must survive one night alone in the ocean until the dawn – literally undergoing a ‘dark night of the soul’, reflecting upon their life and finding the courage to stay alive.

Jennifer Kingwell is establishing herself as a ‘rising force’ (Planet Arts Melbourne) among Melbourne’s thriving music and performing arts scene as a musician and performer of delicious contrasts – a genre-blending diviner of punk ukulele anthems to lush solo piano compositions, cabaret torch songs to epic alt-pop tracks. Also a well-loved PBS broadcaster, writer and composer, Kingwell is delighted to pay her respects to Kate Bush and her influences:

“Kate Bush is actually a horror movie fanatic, and you can see that influence in songs like Hammer Horror, many of her aesthetic choices, and her sampling of classic horror movies in the songs Hounds of Love and Hello Earth. I wanted to pay homage to that lesser known aspect of her work by throwing a big f*ck off Kate Bush Halloween party, and where better than Howler, to do Hounds of Love, at Halloween?

And so HOWLERWEEN was born, an opportunity to celebrate this iconic album as well as honour the energy of Samhain or All-Hallows-Eve, a gateway between the physical and spiritual worlds where we meet, dance with and shake off our devils”.

Kingwell will be joined by her band The Garland Thugs: a virtuosic crack team of some of the finest musicians in Australia, including funk/hip-hop drummer Chad Blaster, jazz pianist Adam Rudegeair, sound sculptor/cellist Jess Keeffe, and funk/soul bassist Ann Metry. The eclectic collection of special guests include lo fi rock duo Beloved Elk, punk burlesque artist Bam Bam, vintage a cappella vocal quartet Bobby & The Pins, and electronica ‘anti diva’ Roni Shewan.

‘Dark, dazzling… A formidable powerhouse.’ – Herald Sun
‘Hauntingly beautiful.’ – Broadway Baby

The Ninth Wave
TICKETS ON SALE http://bit.ly/ninthwave
Venue: Howler, 7-11 Dawson St, Brunswick
Date & time: Thursday 29 October, doors at 8pm
Tix: $15 + BF from Moshtix at
More info at: www.jenniferkingwell.net

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