Scene News: Jack the Bear presents Mastering Music, Mastering Life LIVE at Croxton Front Bar.

Mastering Music Mastering Life is a weekly podcast and quarterly event run by industry veteran and mastering legend Tony “Jack The Bear” Mantz.

The Mastering Music Mastering Life podcast happens on Sundays each week at 6.30pm (AEDT), with the live event held quarterly at the Croxton Front Bar, in Thornbury. The next event happens on Sunday, August 6th from 3 PM – 6 PM, featuring guests Tom Larkin, Dallas Frasca, Mike Erlington, Lorenzo Sillitto and John Course.

MMML was created to help build a community within the Australian music scene, but also extends an invitation to all artistic and creative individuals interested in all matters of music and life.

Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz is the host & instigator behind these events. A successful mastering engineer involved in the industry since 1990, Mantz runs his business out of Deluxe Mastering As a fan of personal development Tony or Jack (he doesn’t mind either name) saw that his own journey of self-discovery and transformation was something that he could share and use to serve others within his community.

Traditionally personal development was something aimed mainly at business, wealth creation and entrepreneurship, but nothing existed within the music scene that dealt with personal development issues affecting musicians and creative, artistic minds. The idea was to create something without the usually associated corporate jargon and ideology, delivered in a language and context that is easy to grasp.

By bringing in weekly guests on the podcast and quarterly events to share their journey in a raw and authentic way, Mantz hopes that MMML will become a vehicle to inspire young up & comers along with industry professionals alike to participate in an ongoing discussion addressing the things that matter, a chance to go deep into the things that others would like to talk about but might be afraid to, such as mental health, career advice and mindset issues, along with being entertained and informed in the process.

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Tony “Jack The Bear” Mantz Presents:
Mastering Music. Mastering Life.
Industry Panel Plus Q&A Session
Sunday 6th August 2017 (opening 3:00 PM)

Croxton Front Bar 
607 High Street, Thornbury VIC

18+ Event (Under 18 allowed with parents)

For tickets visit:

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