Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?

Need to Know is a collaborative single between myself and LA based production duo soso. It’s featuring a raw and powerful performance by Australian artist Oliver Tank on the vocals. The song encompasses the full spectrum of human vulnerability.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

I’d say it’s like a really fancy cheese and meats plate. It takes a tiny bit of influence from a bunch of everything I like and you’re never bored cause there is so much variety.

Which of your songs resonate most strongly and why?

I’m pretty emotionally attached to this track.  It came out really quickly and it was one of the first tracks I was really proud of once I got the final master back. Plus it’s always awesome to create something special with your friends.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I’m inspired by a couple of things. I really love soundtracks from movies and just the tones, textures and sounds they use to create tension. Huge fan of the Blade Runner and lo-fi and the dark gritty film noir influences. I also just love listening to a hybrid of timeless artists, and electronic producers from my generation that inspire me and draw from them. I love Jamie XX’s ear for sampling and combining it with pop and house and Lana del Rey’s really delicate and fragile voice, both totally diverse and opposite ends of the spectrum.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Hold My Liquor by Kanye West in a heartbeat. Bon Iver, Chief Keef and Kanye with Mike Dean’s production is something else. That autotuned guitar solo and fading arpeggiated bass line and overall sound design is something else.

What’s next for you?

Me and the soso guys have a bunch of collaborative tracks together. They feature artists such as Peruvian LA based R’n’b artist A.CHAL, NY/LA based artist G4SHI and Australian band MTNS. Other than that I’ve been in the studio by myself and with Oliver Tank jamming and writing more heavier influenced stuff.   

What’s your scene?

My scene is my house. I’m kind of an introvert to be honest. I like to go to concerts when an artist I like is playing, but I love hanging out with my dogs and chilling at home. If I’m not working on music, I’m either watching tutorials and interviews on youtube, listening to music or watching netflix. Sorry to disappoint haha!


Sydney-bred Hansaa is a genre-crossing producer currently releasing records alongside A.CHAL, G4SHI and Oliver Tank.  Unafraid to venture outside his comfort zone, Hansaa skillfully injects raw emotion into every original composition. Inspired by sample-heavy hip hop, 90s instrumentals, and layered cinematic scores, Hansaa is in the early chapters of what’s sure to be an eclectic catalog and career.


Electronic newcomer Hansaa, otherwise known as Vinay Matta, has been honing his craft as a producer and producer in Los Angeles for the past two years; but today he has finally announced his debut single Need To Know, coproduced with LA-based production duo soso and featuring the stirring vocals of Oliver Tank, set for release today.  The impressive debut is complemented by a deeply affecting video buoyed by an intense narrative drenched in regret and toxicity, and sure to set tongues wagging.


Need To Know follows in the footsteps of its electronic predecessors in James Blake and Clams Casino, yet there’s a fragility in the production that seems uniquely Hansaa; understated, subtle and buoyant, synthesisers layer themselves comfortably beneath Tank’s emotive vocal.  Gentle electric guitar, reminiscent of Tash Sultana’s atmospheric riffs, fills the space between verse and chorus, playfully toying with the listener’s sense of time and space.  Thrilled to be releasing the track into the world, Matta saysI’ve spent a lot of time developing my craft and it feels really awesome to start releasing music officially… We really wanted an element of surprise in Need To Know to break things up, so the guitar solo was a really nice touch –  and unexpected.” 


Filmed and directed by Independent Belgian film maker Julien Pircher, the clip for Need To Know is set in a smokey, dangerous world; with each watch, further insight can be gained from its powerful plot.  For the most part, the audience is encouraged to interpret the story for themselves, but there is no doubt this story is dark – a light is shone upon human relationships, the beauty and the hardship, and the sometimes terrifying nature of mental illness.  Matta explains, “The music video is a story of regret.  The subject matter behind it is rather serious and deep.  It draws off Oliver’s lyric in the track ‘if I put up shots they’ll fall down’…The film revolves around the concepts of death and suicide, with the metaphor of the gun at the beginning and end of the film.”  Offering additional insight, Pircher says, “As a writer, DOP & editor, it’s my job to grab the audience by the hand and lead the way through the film.  At the same time I should be invisible to them, letting them find questions, challenges, answers and adventures.  The music video for Need To Know by Hansaa sends the viewer without knowing into a non-linear timeline, giving them freedom to personally interpret the given opening conflict and the connection between the different storylines.  All this combined with a multilayer dramastructure and adequate cinematography made this video one of my favourite projects in my last several years.”

This is a fully-formed and exciting debut from an artist who is absolutely ‘one to watch’.  Assured and in control, Hansaa has paid his dues and is ready for the global stage.  The Australian born, LA-raised Matta gives little away, but hints at what is to come, saying, Myself and Soso have a handful of amazing tracks together that we cannot wait to release.  We have tracks with Peruvian and LA-based R’n’b artist A.CHAL who is currently on tour and recently dropped his second album On GAZ.  We also have a track with LA-based hip hop artist G4SHI who was featured on DJ Snake’s recent album, and has recently been seen in the studio with Skrillex.”

Need To Know is out now!


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