Tell us about your ‘Slut Power’ Single?

Sure. It’s about the insidious nature of violence against women, about the policing of women’s behaviour, bodies and minds and the ways in which our sexualities are controlled and regulated through shame, psychological abuse and violence.

We write this as Detective Inspector Mark Thompson of the Queensland Police has just been stood aside for his comments about the murder of Hannah Clarke and her 3 children. Rowan Dixon, Hannah’s ex-husband, abused her and finally murdered her and her children and the detective says ‘there are probably people out there in the community that are deciding which side, so to speak, to take in this investigation’ and asked the question, ‘is it an instance of a husband being driven too far by issues he’s suffered by certain circumstances into committing acts of this form’. In 2018 when Eurydice Dixon was murdered in Melbourne, Superintendent David Clayton told women: “So just make sure you have situational awareness, that you’re aware of your surroundings. If you’ve got a mobile phone carry it and if you’ve got any concerns, call police.’ These are 2 recent examples of how men in power – and society at large – blames women for the violence committed against them. This happens at all levels: workplace bullying and defamation, body shaming, gaslighting and stalking, as well as sexual violence, rape and murder. All of it is coming from the same misogynistic place. That’s why in Slut Power, the first verse is delivered a bit bratty and uses words like ‘bossy’, which is a word only ever directed at females. It sounds innocuous, it’s part of everyday vernacular. But the point of Slut Power is to demonstrate how all of this is violence and stems from misogyny, how it starts at ‘bossy’ and ends in the 3rd verse with the line ‘she was culpable for her own rape’. The reason that line is in there is because that’s what society does: it blames women for the violent acts committed against them. You’re being bullied and targeted by a man in power at work? Then stop sticking your head above the parapet. Stop being a tall poppy. Be quiet. Shut up. You were raped? Are you sure? What were you wearing? Oh, were you drunk?

Enough. We’ve had enough of this shit and Slut Power is about reclaiming the right to live without fear of violence. It’s about reclaiming our bodily autonomy, to consensual sex however we want, with whoever the hell we want, whenever we want, the right to choose and do whatever we like with our own bodies and not be relentlessly judged and shamed for it.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?  

Slut Power is probably our favourite song – it’s certainly the one we all love playing live.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

It takes 27.3 minutes to crimp Keven’s hawk.

What, or who, inspires you?

The state of politics at the moment is driving us to continue. Our musical inspiration is pretty diverse. We’re into a lot of current pop music like Lizzo, Cardi B and Billie Eilish. We love Thelma Plum and Mojo Juju. We’re also into rock, punk and metal – the whole lot really.

Which song do you wish you wrote?    

Kill A Man by Cypress Hill. We cover it the Rage Against the Machine way at shows.

What’s next for you?    

We’re pumped for our Slut Power tour as it will take us all over the country. The response to it has been huge. We can’t wait to go to NT in a couple of weeks and play Alice Springs and Darwin. Our tour is wrapped up in late May, we have a couple of shows in June that we haven’t announced yet and then we’ll be taking a break and writing the next album. We’d love to play festivals later in the year and we’ll probably go to America at some point soon.

What’s your scene?    

Politics. Music. Activism.

GLITORIS have earned a reputation as one of Australia’s most fearlessly political, uncompromising and unforgettable live acts. After extensively played and widely received singles, ‘Trump Card’, ‘Spit Hood’ and ‘The Policy’, Glitoris were crowned ‘Queens of Australian Punk’ (The Brag) and the band have wasted no time in following up with their brutal, unapologetic hard rock anthem ‘Slut Power’ (out Friday 14th February): a raging call-to-arms dealing with the insidious nature of violence against women.
Straight off the back of winning the National Live Music Award (NLMA’s) for ‘Hard Rock Live Act of the Year’ (2019), 2020 sees Glitoris embark on their biggest national tour to date, starting in Alice Springs (6th March), a special International Women’s Day performance in Darwin (7th March) and finishing up in their home town of Canberra (23rd May). Bringing a brand new show to the stage, complete with a powerful new image and a rallying protest befitting our times, fans can expect the band to be at their rousing, political yet satirical best.
Glitoris is Keven 007 (vocals and guitar), Andrew (Lead guitar and vocals), Malcolm (Bass and vocals) and Scott (Drums). Highly energetic, deeply political, satirical and sometimes absurd, Glitoris blends frenetic punk rock, classic hard rock riffs, metal prowess, pop harmonies and a dash of theatre with badass attitude and indelible songwriting, resulting in a unique, powerful and unrelenting musical force. Widely recognised as ‘One of the fiercest live forces in the country’ (Pile Rats), Glitoris has built an army of fans – The Gliterati – all over the country, toured extensively and performed at major national and international festivals including Groovin’ The Moo, The New Zealand Fringe Festival, Triple R Kyneton Festival and Blackwoodstock Festival (New Caledonia). Glitoris has performed as much with brand new acts as they have with established punk royalty, including Frenzal Rhomb, Regurgitator, Shonen Knife and The Meanies.
The diverse, politically on-point and refreshing nature of Glitoris’ sound means they are equally at home touring and performing as headliners or major supports, at festivals or sharing bills with new pop/rock/indie acts. Join Glitoris in 2020 for what promises to be their fiercest single and tour yet \*/


Friday 6th March 2020 – Epilogue Lounge, Alice Springs NT – FREE

Saturday 7th March 2020 – Railway Club, Darwin NT – Tickets

Friday 20th March 2020 – Vinnie’s Dive, Gold Coast QLD – Tickets

Saturday 21st March 2020 – The Foundry, Brisbane QLD – Tickets

Friday 3rd April 2020 – The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart TAS – Tickets

Saturday 4th April 2020 – The Royal Oak, Launceston TAS – Tickets

Sunday 5th April 2020 – Forth Pub, Forth TAS – Tickets

Friday 17th April 2020 – Lyric’s Underground, Perth WA – Tickets

Saturday 18th April 2020 – The Fire Station, Busselton WA – FREE

Sunday 19th April 2020 – Mojo’s Bar, Fremantle WA Tickets
Friday 8th May 2020 – The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle NSW – Tickets
Saturday 9th May 2020 – Oxford Art Factory Gallery, Sydney NSW – Tickets

Sunday 10th May 2020 – North Gong Hotel, Wollongong NSW – FREE

Friday 15th May 2020 – Pelly Bar, Frankston VIC  Tickets

Saturday 16th May 2020 – The Tote, Melbourne VIC – Tickets

Sunday 17th May 2020 – The Eastern, Ballarat VIC – Tickets

Saturday 23rd May 2020 – Transit Bar, Canberra ACT – Tickets

Tickets on-sale now


2019 National Live Music Awards – Hard Rock Live Act of the Year
2016 National Live Music Awards – ACT Live Act of the Year

‘One of the fiercest live forces in the country right now’ – Pile Rats

‘No one in the audience could tear themselves away from the show. Exciting, 

energetic and entertaining, the group are brimful of musicianship, savage wit,
charisma and confidence.’ – The Music (The Metro, Sydney)

‘A next-level punk rock stage presence with provocative and politically-driven lyrics. If Glitoris

haven’t graced your ear holes as yet – get to it, make it happen.’ – Ditch This Magazine

‘…an excellent stage show…their music is a force unto itself…by the time the set
was done, everyone was riled to fever pitch.’ – wallofsoundau.com

‘A revolutionary breakthrough of Punk music in the modern era.’ – 4ZZZ Brisbane

‘Fearless, anthemic and hugely powerful, The Policy is a resoundingly

assured punk deliverance in this modern era.’ – AAA Backstage

‘The Policy is a perfect self-help anthem for 2018” (The Policy)’ – Tone Deaf

‘A Rammstein meets Led Zeppelin soundscape that will quickly
become your next earworm’ (The Policy) – Scenestr

‘An unapologetic brand of rock music that feels simultaneously
hard-hitting and approachable’ – Happy Mag

Glitoris Online – Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | YouTube | Bandcamp


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