Q&A Scene: Electric Mary

Q&A by Electric Mary – Lead Singer Rusty Brown

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
We are smack bang in the middle of negotiations for a worldwide release with a live album, we are all excited about this album which we recorded over two nights at Helldorado in Vitoria Basque Country, Spain. It’s actually not unlike MEMO Music Hall in St Kilda, where we are playing for the first time on Friday 29 April – it’s unassuming until the doors open and the beauty and history allow the rock to flow from the veins.

L-R: Alex Raunjak (bass), Rusty Brown (Vox), Pete Robinson (Guitar), Davey Porter (Drums), Brett Wood (Guitar)
L-R: Alex Raunjak (bass), Rusty Brown (Vox), Pete Robinson (Guitar), Davey Porter (Drums), Brett Wood (Guitar)

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?
I would say ‘The Definition of Insanity’ and ‘The Last Great Hope’ are the book ends as to what Electric Mary is all about (until we record these new tunes).

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.
We were recording in a studio in New Jersey when I needed to take my very small kahunu’s in my hand, walk up to a producer who had worked with Soundgarden and Madonna (among others) and let him know we had come a long way to record with him and if he didnt want to be there with us then that’s cool, he could just go home.

What, or who, inspires you?
Musically the 60s & 70s .. Electric Mary .. anything that’s good .. it doesn’t bother with who, where, what or how .. if it’s good, it’s good .. at this very moment it’s Cheap Trick .. I luv the shit out of them.

Which song do you wish you wrote?
‘Stargazer ‘by Rainbow .. eight min 26 sec of the best that rock has offered

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
Scotch Fillet steak, mushroom sauce and vegies .. “the muscle & the earth” .. a delectable dish

What’s next for you?
Writing, recording, more shows in Australia .. MEMO on April 29 .. Europe in October

What’s your scene?
To be honest I don’t have a scene .. I’m happy with my own company (most of the time) but I must admit I hate the way I don’t pick up my dirty jocks and socks. I could lay on the couch all day switching between TV stations .. I lead a very uninteresting life on the outside .. but on the inside hmmmm .. let’s no go there.

My focus now is on our show at MEMO you’ll see a smile on the outside, but the party on the inside, well, you’ll have to get your name on the guest list.

About Electric Mary

Electric Mary is a rock and classic rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Their debut single “Sail On” reached #76 on the ARIA Singles chart Synopsis. In 2008 they were finalists in the MusicOz Awards, nominated for Best Rock Band.

They were also selected to support Whitesnake and Judas Priest. 2009 saw them tour with Alice Cooper and Glenn Hughes as well as showcasing at Experience PRS for PRS Guitars in Stevensville, Maryland alongside the likes of Carlos Santana, Dweezil Zappa and Buddy Guy. In 2010 they supported Deep Purple.

Whilst in the States, Electric Mary collaborated with Grammy Award-winning engineer/producer Jason Corsaro on a live recording which is yet to be released. Corsaro’s credits include Soundgarden’s Superunknown.

The latter part of 2011 saw the band perform at the World Cup in South Africa and then embark on an extensive concert tour of mainland Europe including Hell Fest in France.In 2012 the band returned to Europe for an extensive tour taking in France, Spain & Belgium and then over to the UK and then went on to perform at The Hard Rock Hell Festival in Wales.

Memo Music Hall
St Kilda
29th April 2016

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