Tell us about your new single Running On Empty?Running On Empty’ started out as an idea about 2 years ago when we were asked to write a song commemorating the Running On Empty Festival in Cobar. When it came down to writing the track we really wanted to bring back the old rock and roll sound that was so present back in the day, “AC/DC” and “The Angels” to name a few bands. Keeping it simple and raw with that classic rock feel while adding our own modern twist too it was definitely what we were looking for while piecing this track together. In the end the result was perfect and we had such a blast recreating that old rock and roll sound! 

What’s your favorite work at this point in time? 

Hard to pin it down to one thing! I think it’s safe to say that this whole upcoming EP, ‘Uproar’, is our favourite piece of work. As a whole project we are extremely satisfied and proud of ourselves and each other!

How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 

If we could pick one type of food that describes our sound it would have to be Buffalo Wings, they’re hot and spicy and you always go back for more!

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

At The Grove Studios recording our upcoming E.P, whilst waiting for our turns to go in and lay our parts down we started playing some simple card games, which quickly turned into an alcohol fuelled gambling tournament between us. It’s safe to say only one of us walked away happy that night.

What, or who, inspires you?

We all sort of draw inspiration from different people but if we could pick one person as a whole band it would definitely have to be Dave Grohl. The man’s been rockin’ in the industry for over 30 years and is still keepin’ it real. An absolute legend!

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Joker and The Thief. Hands down one of the most energetic and iconic rock songs ever. We’ve seen it live a couple times and the chaos that the opening guitar riff brings is unmatchable.

What’s next for you?

We are in the process of planning a tour for early Jan to mid Feb next year so keep your eyes peeled for that on our socials. Check out our show at Factory Theatre on the 7th of Jan. We just want to keep playing music and get started on our next projects!

What’s your scene?

Mates, beers, good weather and rock and roll!

Get your motor running with the classic rock stylings of Sydney’s Edgecliff and their brand new tune Running On Empty. Officially dropping into the world today, Running On Empty is a raw and riveting peek into the band’s forthcoming debut EP Uproar, which will officially thunder into the world on Friday December 2. The band will also christen their new single with two shows in Cobar on Saturday 5 November, with an official EP launch party set to take place on Friday 7 January 2023 at Sydney’s Factory Theatre.

Channelling Aussie greats like AC/DC and The Angels, Running On Empty finds Edgecliff firing on all rock’n’roll cylinders, with the track boasting swaggering grooves, fiery guitars and raspy vocals dialled up to 11. A track that has been in the works for the band for a fair while now, Running On Empty may ultimately owe its sonic soul to classic rock, but it also itself evolved after Edgecliff were approached to write a song about the eponymous Running On Empty festival which took place in Cobar, also honouring the 1982 film of the same name. “We were asked to write a song to honour the Running On Empty festival, which took place in Cobar, a town that holds great history within the band,” shares keyboardist Nick Murace. “The festival took place in September for the 40th anniversary of the 1982 Australian film, Running On Empty. We were honoured to be given the opportunity to write this track and to play the festival!”. And of the track’s deliciously rowdy-yet-familiar flair, drummer Jacob Lock explains, “For this one we really wanted to go for an old school rock n’ roll belter to get the people dancin! It’s got that dirty rock groove that you can feel in your bones and reminds you of the old school Aussie rock we grew up on”.

Working alongside Callum Howell on producing and mixing duties, as well as the Grammy Award-nominated Mike Tucci mastering the new tune, Running On Empty is a track brimming with high octane energy and catchy melodies, while also offering an electric follow up to previous singles I’ll Be Gone and Calling For More, which will also feature on the band’s forthcoming EP Uproar. Covering everything from chest-bumping anthems amid prowling basslines (Running Out Of Luck), swooning rock ballads (Broken), galloping singalongs (Blackout) and balls-to-the-wall viscosity complete with sizzling guitar solos and infectious choruses (Who Are We To Be Silenced), Uproar is a genuine and ferociously fun collection of tracks that powerfully run the gamut of human experience. We recorded six out of seven songs at the beautiful Grove Studios over a week,” shares bassist Kai Stackhouse. “After many tweaks in the studio and Callum Howell’s touch, we were able to bring these songs to life. The EP is mostly about average human experiences, one of the tracks talks about heartbreak and another track explores protest and outrage. We think there is at least one song in the EP that people will find themselves attracted to as it could summarise a certain time in their lives or the world around them.”

Edgecliff will be busting out their brand new track live in action this Saturday 5 November, with a special all ages show at the Cobar Youth Centre, as well as an 18+ event the same day at the Cobar Golf Club. And that’s not all the live Edgecliff goodness on the cards, with the band locked and loaded to officially launch their new EP Uproar early in the new year on Saturday 7 January at Sydney’s Factory Theatre. As to what fans can expect at these upcoming shows, lead guitarist and vocalist Will Howell reveals, Anyone that catches one of our shows can expect a loud and energetic performance. We strive to make live shows an experience for everyone. We want everyone to leave our shows craving more.”

Bringing together five best mates hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the beating Edgecliff heart ultimately thrives on a love for songwriting, hard edge rock and the desire to create original music. With all band members currently completing apprenticeships in their respective trades, Edgecliff have creatively continued to turn heads via their upbeat and modern take on more vintage rock territory. Influenced by the likes of Powderfinger, Wolfmother and the Foo Fighters, Edgecliff have been hard at work in the studio and the jam room to ultimately deliver Running On Empty, which also marks the final single fans will hear before the release of the debut EP Uproar. And all signs are pointing to pure rock, as Will concludes “Rock’n’roll is our passion and we want to share that energy with as many people as we can!”.

Running On Empty is out now.

Uproar is out Friday December 2.

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