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Lucius Borich credit GLMphotography

For the month of May, leading up to the Sydney Drum & Percussion show, What’s My Scene will be celebrating DRUMMERS. Stay tuned for our exclusive Q&As, Snap Scene features, and much much more. 


How long have you been drumming?

Started playing at age 3yrs. Left School at 14yrs to play professionally live. Going off playing professionally, it’s been over 32yrs to date.

Why did you first pick up the drumsticks?

My father Kevin Borich, a great Blues Rock guitarist, had many musicians around us as a family growing up. At that time, some of them drummers thought it would be cool to make me a tiny drum kit which they did, it went from there. I never second guessed what it was I would do with my life. Pursuing drumming made sense to me. I love it, it’s an ongoing journey of self discovery.  

Which drummer influenced your playing?

Buddy Rich. Buddy was an incredible drummer musician. Most of his playing style is based in jazz. For me studying Buddy and his style helped shaped me as a drummer for sure. Buddy has everything a drummer needs to help find their own way.  

Describe your kit.

The Drum kit I play is an American brand called Drum Workshop, DW! The kit I have at the moment is a Collectors Cherry Mahogany Wood with a Gold finish! Sizes are 24 x 16 Kick ,12inch Roto Tom, 10 x 8, Rack Tom, 13 x 9 Rack Tom, 16 x 14, Floor Tom, 18 x 16 Floor Tom. 6 x14 Bronze Snare. The Cymbals I play are Zildjian. Dark Ks or A Customs. Sizes are from left to right 17″ K Crash, 19 K Crash, 15″ Hi Hats, 8″ Ice Bell, 8″ Splash, 10″ Splash, 18″ K Crash, 22 K Heavy Rock Ride, 20″ China Oriental, 20″ Crash Ride, 22 Gong. I play Roland Electronics, SPD-SX sampling pad. I have 4 pads off that one & a sample kick pedal. Drum Skins are Evans. Top tom heads are G2s coated. Bottom heads Clear G1s. Kick Drum Coated EMAD. Snare Skin Heavy Weight.  I use Ascension Drum Sticks 100% Australian made and owned. Ascension Drum Sticks are actually my Business Brand which I’ve been working on for over a year now. My partner Mat Love also makes other snare drums I use called Love’s Drum & Co.

Lucius Borich, COG by Mary Boukouvalas

How do you prepare for a show?

I do lots of stretching, take a long shower if I can to warm the muscles up. I like to sleep and wake up an hour or so before the show. I hit the practice pad and do simple stick exercises. I make sure I eat a nice big meal 3-4hrs before a show.

Which artist/band was/is your favourite to play drums with?

My band Cog hands down. I work on other people’s projects and independent musicians albums too. I make sure I play with as many musicians as I can. You can learn much from different musicians.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

Natural organic foods. Like a good assortment of protein meats – Roo, chicken, lamb, lots of green vegetables, salads & some fruits & nuts. Some might call that Paleo of sorts.  Because it’s good for you?

Describe an on-the-road or studio rule/etiquette.

Be prepared for whatever it is you’re about to do. Don’t waste anyone’s time or money, and be nice!

What, or who, inspires you?

Math Powerland. He’s mindful to keep being creative as an artist to show the world how to look at things differently and to find what’s funny in life. Plus ask the big questions that maybe you’ve never thought of before. Also Frank Zappa, same thing really, RIP Frank – he was a true musical genius.

Which song do you wish you wrote the drumbeat for?

I don’t really think of any I would have loved to have written. There are so many great pieces of drumming recorded. Funky Drummer is pretty good by James Brown, Drummer Clyde Stubblefield.

What’s next for you?

The writing of the next Cog album. It’s been 5 yrs so we are very excited to get stuck into it asap .We hope to have a few new songs out by the end of the year with an album out 2018. Also, I’m working on building the Ascension Drum Stick brand!

What is the best thing about the Sydney Drum and Percussion Show this May? 

Being asked to play is an honour. I also get to see some of my favourite drummers perform and meet people who are enthusiastic about drums. We have a great community in the drum world and when we hang we have a great time!

What’s your scene?

Hoodoo Gurus!

Australian Music Association has today announced the inaugural Sydney Drum & Percussion Show set to engulf the Rosehill Gardens Grand Pavilion on May 27 and 28. Proudly presented by Australian Musician, the monster exhibition promises to be an electrifying presentation of all things hit.

Boasting an impressive live performance program with some of the world’s best players and biggest names including Thomas Lang (George Michael, Tina Turner, Peter Gabriel), Virgil Donati (Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Vai), Michael Schack (Netsky) and more (with Lang and Donati playing together for the first time ever), the show will also feature a huge array of drum gear and brands and will act as the country’s largest pop-up drum and percussion shop. You can see, try and buy drum kits, cymbals, orchestral and traditional percussion, electronic percussion, hand percussion and accessories from all the major brands, plus never-before- seen gear. There’ll be some tasty home grown and handmade gear too.

Run by the same team that put on the annual Melbourne Guitar Show (MGS) and based on the successful MGS model, the Sydney Drum & Percussion Show will also host information seminars, demonstrations, and live performances from Australia’s most talented drummers and percussion players including Lucius Borich (Cog), Lozz Benson (Urthboy, Drummer Queens), Stan Bicknell (Kimbra, Miami Horror) and more.

From double-kick drummers, groove and touch drummers and jazz stylists, to exotic percussion players, orchestral percussionists, and hard hittin’ rock n rollers, there’ll be something for everyone.

The voice of the Australian music products industry, the Australian Music Association (AMA) is thrilled to present this drum-centric weekend.

“There’s so much about percussion, it’s the world’s most accessible form of music – people take their first steps in music through percussion,” says AMA CEO Rob Walker. “We are excited to showcase our industry’s products and the wealth of local talent that Sydney and Australia has to offer, as well as international guests – three of the best in the world! We seek to educate and entertain, and showcase and grow our drum and percussion community.”

Punters will have the opportunity to participate in drum circles and other hands on percussion workshops, see Australia’s leading percussion ensembles, Taikoz and Synergy Percussion, as well as leading student percussion ensembles from The Sydney Conservatorium and combined school’s ensemble, Drumfill. They can experience the latest electronic drum technology, meet a stack of the industry’s finest drum and percussion players, take part in workshops on drumming for fitness and wellbeing, performance clinics, panels and more.

Additionally, the 2017 Sydney Drum & Percussion Show will provide a hands-on chance to see, hear and play a broad range of the world’s favourite brands. It will also see exhibitors offering great show deals.

If you can hit it, ring it, shake rattle and roll it, it’ll be at the Sydney Drum & Percussion Show.

The Sydney Drum & Percussion Show will be held at Rosehill Gardens Grand Pavilion on May 27 & 28, 2017




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