Q&A Scene: Damon Lockwood

Q&A with Damon Lockwood, Writer/Director/Producer/Actor in I (honestly) Love You.

Tell us about your new tour?
[pullquote]I am very excited to be remounting this play, it’s a real ‘getting the band back together’ situation.  [/pullquote]We are remounting a play of mine called I (honestly) Love You. It deals with two people who suffer from the truth telling disease vitositas veritas, which means they can only tell the truth at all times, and, fortunately or not, they desperately and madly fall in love. Its fat, fun and for the audience. It has been performed in Perth, Edinburgh and New York, and now we’re stoked to be bringing it to Melbourne.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?
I am very excited to be remounting this play, it’s a real ‘getting the band back together’ situation. Two of the actors have since moved to Melbourne since we performed it first and it will be fantastic to be on stage with them again. It’s infectious for an audience to experience a group of people having a great time on stage together.

Tell us a quick, on the road or onstage anecdote.
One of the most memorable is probably me throwing up because I was so hungover in front of a child who had been waiting for the touring bus to turn up all morning. I suspect I either ruined his dreams or made him want to be a touring actor even more…

What, or who, inspires you?
The writer Patrick White, still, and always. His prose is lucid and powerful and revealing. My fellow improvisers inspire me, because in that situation you are only as good as the person next to you. The actors in I (honestly) Love You absolutely inspire me. And my children, of course. And Mathew Pavlich.

Which play do you wish you wrote?
Almost anything by Harold Pinter, to be honest. His ability to say the most amount possible with the least amount of words is a technique I am constantly striving for. And I wouldn’t mind having A Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde on my CV.

How would you describe your writing style in food form and why? 
Let’s say a quality buffet because (I hope) every scene is different, surprising and satisfying.

And, you know, like a good buffet, an expensive buffet, not one that requires the services of a sneeze-guard…

What’s next for you?
We return to do a season of I (honestly) Love You at the Subiaco Independent Arts Festival in June, and then we regional tour through South Australia a play of mine called HorseHead which won the Rome International Fringe Festival in 2013. If you remember the classic scene in Francis Ford Coppala’s film The Godfather where the guy wakes up with a decapitated horse head with him in his bed, the play deals with the two guys who actually have to perform that act. Decapitated animals – sounds like comedy to me!

National Theatre Melbourne – first-time Hub for 30th Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows

The National Theatre Melbourne is for the first time in its history a Hub for five of the 30th Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows. CEO Nic Clark said the affiliation with the iconic Comedy Festival allowed The National Theatre to offer a variety of excellent comedic entertainment to patrons of all ages.

On 13 April the award-winning comedy I (Honestly) Love You takes to the National theatre stage for four performances after acclaimed seasons in Edinburgh and New York. I (Honestly) Love You explores what happens when two people, who share the extremely rare psychological condition of only being able to tell the truth at all times, fall deeply and madly in love. It’s a tale of love gained, love lost, and love thrown around a bit.

I (Honestly) Love You: 13-16 April, 7.30pm, 1 hour, All tickets $25

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