Q&A Scene: Crystal, Belle and Ruby ~ THE DK EFFECT

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?


Belle: Our first single is called ‘Moving Time’ and has a super uplifting message to it – we all need a little reminder every now and then that this is the only shot we get at life and we need to make the most of it! We also released our album on the 23rd of April which is super exciting, it’s got such a range of songs on it and we’re so happy to share with the world. The listening experience is definitely a big emotional rollercoaster – but don’t worry you’ll enjoy it.



What’s your favourite work at this point in time? 


We’re really happy with the track Pills and Wine and the video that goes with it. It has a very deep and dark funk groove and the vocals are full of power and emotion. The DIY video we shot has a great, single-take, improvised contemporary dance performance by Lizzie Johnstone that interprets the mood of the song perfectly


How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 


Crystal: This is hilarious to me because I had an audience member describing my voice as caramel!  So if I were to describe The DK Effect as a food we would have to be a dessert.  When I say dessert though I think we would be something not too decadent because when you hear our songs you want more!  So, although, my voice has been described as caramel, I believe The DK Effect would be a freshly baked apple pie with a side of melting ice cream!  Simply because our sound has that wholesome dose of gospel but we also dabble in a bit of sin. Let’s be honest here!


Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.


Ruby: Crystal was running late for a gig and during the soundcheck the sound guy was like “where’s the main event?!” And Belle and I just sat there like chopped liver. So now Crystal’s band nickname is ‘the main event’. 


What, or who, inspires you?


Belle: Inspiration is definitely something that comes and goes, I tend to draw it from other local musicians. I always leave DK Effect rehearsals feeling more inspired than I was before. Being around driven people in general really inspires me to remain focused. Documentaries also serve as a good reminder that hard work pays off eventually, if I am ever in a slump I will chuck one on and it works a treat.



Which song do you wish you wrote?


Belle: This is a tough one because Dave has written so many amazing songs, but I wish I could have written ‘God Forgive Me’ (it’s on our album) because it’s got such a classic gospel sound to it with the call and response from the lead vocalist and the backing vocalists. It’s such a fun song to sing together and is always a crowd favourite at our shows. 



What’s next for you?


Crystal: Covid had put a lot of future plans on hold but after the release and launch of our album we are planning on more local shows in and around Tasmania and have already started recording new material.  As a band we are now sharing the lead vocals on the songs so it will no longer be a one front(wo)man band.  This creates more diversity for listeners and there are certain qualities in each of our voices that need to be heard.  This is going to be reflected in our next album which I am looking forward to so much!



What’s your scene?


Crystal: Our music is very family friendly so we have pushed to play at venues where people can bring their children.  The DK Effect love to get people upfront and dancing but due to all the restrictions this has been a difficult one to navigate.  As winter starts to surround us, don’t be surprised if we end up in the warm confines of our studio cooking up a new batch of songs ready for the summer.  Our scene would definitely be an outdoor gig in the summer sun with plenty of room to groove and dance!



About The DK Effect:


The DK Effect are an 8-piece original funk, soul and gospel-infused RnB band from Australia’s deep south (Tasmania). Fronted by the powerful yet exquisite vocal and focal trinity (Crystal Campbell, Ruby Austin-Lund and Belle Richardson) the band’s material focuses on storytelling, melody and harmony, and is saturated with the passion and polyrhythmic ‘call and response’ vocal synchronicity of gospel music. Though the band was originally formed purely as a recording entity, there has been an overwhelmingly positive audience reaction from every DK Effect performance, establishing their reputation as an exciting and dynamic live band. A selection of the band’s material has been captured on their debut recording – ‘Moving Time’, which has been expertly mastered by Grammy Award winning, Dave Darlington (Bass Hit Recording, NYC), and accurately presents their organic and authentic, early funk and soul sound.

MOVING TIME is out now!



Pablo’s Cocktails and Dreams Bar (Hobart) – May 2nd, 2021
Salamanca Arts Centre (Hobart) Album launch party May 21st, 2021




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