Q&A Scene: Casey Barnes

Tell us about your new single ‘Come Turn Me On’?  Well it’s the first single off what will be the next album and I was lucky enough to co-write this one with two amazing songwriters over in Nashville during lockdown last year. It’s got that blend of country and pop merged together and is all about being away, travelling the world but looking forward to coming home to the one you love 
What’s your favourite work at this point in time? I think I’d have to say the body of work as a whole on my latest record ‘Town of A Million Dreams’. I just think they’re the strongest collection of songs I’ve ever released and it was such a big call putting out an album last year right in the midst of a global pandemic… so to take that risk and be nominated for my first ever ARIA award was pretty sweet 
How would you describe your sound in food form and why?  Gee… that’s a good question! Maybe that feeling you get when you’re with a bunch of your mates at the footy, you’re starving hungry and you take that first bite out of a Four’N Twenty pie and it’s just bliss?? Hard to beat ha ha
Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote. Ha… probably one I’ll never forget way back in 2005, my first big break at the time getting to open for Bryan Adams for A Day On The Green. Huge opportunity and we’d been rehearsing as a band for a couple of months leading up to the first show which was down in the Hunter Valley…. We were in the greenroom, nervous as buggery, raring to go and about 20 mins before we hit the stage this freak storm hit, out of the blue… and right at the last min we got pulled because it was too dangerous to perform. We were absolutely gutted at the time, but thankfully the next day the show went ahead and ended up being (still to this day) arguably my favourite ever show I’ve done. Amazing to think all of this happened in 24hrs
What, or who, inspires you? Anyone that takes a punt and believes in themselves… and succeeds. Doesn’t matter if its music related, sport or just everyday life I just love seeing it happen. I love a good underdog too that’s had to fight to get to where they are and hasn’t given up on the end goal. That’s bloody inspiring to me 
Which song do you wish you wrote? That’s a hard one… probably a toss up between Your Song by Elton John, Fire & Rain by James Taylor or Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits. Damn it… that’s 3 songs. I can’t split them ha
What’s next for you? Finishing this next album. We’re already over half way through so that’ll be a big focus this year along with getting back out on the road and playing plenty of shows which is probably what I missed most last year 
What’s your scene?  The last place you’d probably expect to find an Aussie country music artist… Currumbin on the Gold Coast but absolutely love it here and a lot of people would be surprised at how many of us are based here on the Goldie these days! Busby Marou, Lee Kernaghan, Adam Brand to name a few. It’s honestly the best of both worlds… you’ve got one of the best beaches in the world on your front doorstep and the hinterland about 20 mins in the other direction. A really healthy music scene developing here over the last few years and some awesome new live music venues too. Couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d prefer to be :) 


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