Q&A Scene: Carl Redfern ~ GOLDEN FANG

Tell us about your latest album.

here. now here
 is an album that was made on the back of line-up change. When our good friend and drummer Mark Hetherington moved to the country, Justin (bass) Teo(guitar) and I were left wondering how to replace such a big character in our band. In the end we decided not to try to, just see what would happen and thus we ended up with this period of writing, refining and reflecting on the songs and intent of the band. Possibly as a result of this process the songs ended up having a more considered, harder or darker tone than our previous albums, which, as it happened ended up being a perfect foil for Joe (Parkins, drums) when he joined us. Were really proud of this album,a lot of heart went into it. 
What's your favourite work at this point in time? 

here. now here.is our fourth album and also our strongest and most cohesive album, though my favourite song (probably) is Loose Canons which is on our first album. A song that I had been trying to write about my grandmother after shed passed away, which Id almost given up on. When one night sitting at the Gasoline Pony in Marrickville watching Sydney band Dusty Ravens play (who are name dropped in the tune) the missing pieces all fell together. 
How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 

d say a pint of Guinness. You know all about it, but its somehow still a dark and tasty mystery.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

I don
t think we have any quick ones other than that we recorded this album with a microphone pointed threateningly at our drummer Joes crotch.

What, or who, inspires you?

Its hard to pinpoint, but that feeling when you just get the integrity and honesty in a human interaction, piece of art, writing or music. Ill often find myself urgently running home after relatively random interactions with people or art in order to grab my guitar and play.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Oh god thats too hard! Thirteen by Big Star has everything that I could possibly love in a song. 

Then there are songs like Alison by Elvis Costello, Me and Mia by Ted Leo or Forbidden Colours by Sylvian & Sakamoto that I cant ever imagine not being in awe off.

What's next for you?

Demoing songs for our next album. Ive written a lot recently across a few different themes and Im looking forward to seeing what sticks with the band.

What's your scene?

These days youll find me walking around and around Henson Park while listening to atmospheric black metal. 


Sydney band Golden Fang have released their fourth studio album, Here. Now Here. (produced by Jay Whalley of Frenzal Rhomb).


Golden Fang, a melodic guitar band that captures the joys and contradictions of life in Sydney’s Inner West, are an indie rock group in the truest sense – independently releasing their own unique blend of rock music since 2014.

Cast an ear back across the last three decades and you’ll hear the influence of the Pixies, The Drones and Straitjacket Fits mixing sonically with the dirty grooves of the Bad Seeds and The Cruel Sea. Like local Sydney acts such as Peabody, Bluebottle Kiss and Crow, Golden Fang are a band that know how to harness poetry and visceral rock ’n’ roll.

From the melancholic, melodic classicism of opener ‘Clouds Go Round’ to the gritty power-pop of ‘Bad Actors’, the cowbell suburban hoedown of ‘Cowboy For Love’ (a love song dedication to good friend and confidant of the band – Jo Meares) to the punk rockabilly rave of ‘Jonny Your Money’s No Good’ and on through the dark gothic dissonance of ‘Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like It’s Dunedin 1989’ and the wandering autumnal psychedelia of ‘Gold Chains And Card Games’ – the range and depth on display across Here. Now Here. marks it as a cohesive statement of modern Australian guitar rock.

The album’s well received first single, ‘Don’t Take Your God To Town’ was premiered on UK website Backseat Mafia, who said of the song:
‘Don’t Take Your God To Town’ is in tune with bands such as the Pixies, Nick Cave and even a touch of the Tindersticks – you get the picture: intelligent, driving music with a touch of gothic grit and a hint of late night smoky bars, a squinting eye and clenched teeth. Melodic malevolence at its finest. Golden Fangs indeed.”
In recording sessions at his Pet Food Factory studio in Marrickville, NSW, during Australia’s black summer of 2020, producer Jay Whalley (of Frenzal Rhomb)has captured the sound of a band that doesn’t hide its rough edges.

“A bunch of old hands like Golden Fang are always going to be a joy to work with. This record sees them more focused and committed to their mission of balancing dark tales with good humour. Always love a band that’s not scared of an egg shaker,” says Whalley.

The album celebrates the energy and swagger of the band’s live shows and the artful belligerence of Redfern’s lyrics and delivery. The earthy quality of his voice and questioning lyrics add a layer of irreverence and intimacy to the music as it weaves and crashes around him.

“It’s the first album we’ve done where the line up has had a sense of stability about it and where we were writing and working on the songs with an eventual album being the main focus while putting the songs together,” explains Redfern. “For Here. Now Here. we allowed ourselves a bit more time so that we could get things as we wanted them rather than how they ended up on the day! In that regard I think we can say it’s our most considered album.”

“Musically the album has a harder or darker edge than our previous work but draws water from some of the same wells as we have on previous albums with songs about anxiety, personal reflection and nostalgia with a healthy dash of humour thrown in. We cycle through lots of songs pull them to pieces, chop them up and mould them till we’re left with a collection of tunes that everyone is happy with. We’re kind of like a rock n roll Rotary Club,” grins Redfern.


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