Q&A Scene: Bon, But not Forgotten

Q&A by guitarist James Morley

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
The show pays respect to the Bon Scott era of AC/DC on his birthday. The old fella would be 70 this year, and we have chosen the best (in our opinion) AC/DC Songs, performed by a group of people who have lived and breathed the music for most part of their lives.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.
One of my first gigs as a drummer ended up with me falling 6ft from the back of the stage in front of a couple of hundred people, during a drum solo, which ended in some injuries, embarrassment and the loss of future gigs with that Particular band. I also split my pants !

What, or who, inspires you?
Malcolm Young of AC/DC has been my musical inspiration, but also he and Angus’ tenacity in taking the band to where they are today. The bloody business minded ethic was paramount in getting them to become one of the greatest bands in history.

Which song do you wish you wrote?
For Those About to Rock.
The way the song goes from an ominous sounding opening riff to culminating in cannons and pure power rock is sublime.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
A vindaloo curry, its strangely alluring, you cant help but try it, get hot and worked up over it, but then you just want more,

What’s next for you?
Depends on whether I’ve had a curry or not. Assuming not, I have a bunch of shows with Angry Anderson and Dai Pritchard from Rose Tattoo, Jim Hilbun from The Angels and Mark Evans (ex AC/DC) we are travelling around the country playing some tunes in the sweaty beer barns of yesteryear.

Just doing what we do best. Rock.

What’s your scene?
Curry, Rock, Beer, and being the best dad I can!

Bon Scotts’ “70th” Birthday Bash

An Electrifying tribute band to Aussie rock legend Bon Scott and AC/DC.
This show brings together some of the country’s greatest rockers, to pay tribute to the legend behind one of the world’s greatest ever bands, AC/DC.

Featuring a knock-out line-up, including past members of AC/DC and other Aussie rock icons, The Angels and Electric Mary, This band knows how to electrify a crowd with its explosive repertoire of AC/DC’s greatest hits.

The line-up features the consummate talents of:
Mark Evans – ex AC/DC
James Morley – ex The Angels
Pete Robinson – Electric Mary
AND Greg Aldridge & Simon McCullough -2 Local Melbourne Rockers ,who have been hand picked, because of their dedication to the AC/DC sound and Ethos.

Not content with just performing a “Best Of” set, the band also focuses on some gems that aren’t commercial in nature, but true fans will love to hear them live, some for the first time.

This show replicates the sound, style and passion of AC/DC , without pretense. It is quite simply THE most natural sounding AC/DC performance of any band, other than AC/DC themselves.

Here is a demo of the band in full flight a while ago with special guests, former AC/DC drummer Simon Wright, Dave Gleeson from The “Screaming Jets” and Skenie from “The Poor”.


One show only!

Bon Scott’s 70th Birthday Bash
Saturday 09 July
Doors Open: 6pm (Dining/Seats), 8pm (Standing Area)
Showtime: 8.40pm

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