Q&A Scene: Bob Spencer

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
I’ve been working hard on a Crowd Funding campaign to release my first ever solo album, Saints & Murderers. Here she be: www.pozible.com/bobspencer  It’s been very exiting and rewarding and it ends this Friday night! Please check it out!

What’s your favourite work at this point in time? 
My fave work is always the one I’ve yet to finish, as I have so many, too many, songs on the boil at all times. This brings me grief, happiness, frustration, pleasure and sleepless nights.
Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.
Never engage in an on-stage pretend fight with a 6’4” singer who is accident prone. The end result may well be chipped teeth, bloodied mouth, a broken arm and a decimated guitar. But not his.
What, or who, inspires you?
Pretty much everything; Art, Literature, Music (especially non rock music), cinema, the ocean, relationships, conversations, mistakes………
Which song do you wish you wrote?
That’s an easy one. “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” by Jimmy Webb.
How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 
Tasteful :-)
What’s next for you?
I will be concentrating all my efforts on this solo album!
What’s your scene?  
I’m a guitarist and songwriter, fortunate to have been in two of Australia’s most successful band, Skyhooks and The Angels. My scene is surfing and reading – I am addicted to learning.
Watch Bob Spencer’s first video from my forthcoming album, Saints and Murderers.
Spencer states: “I hope you get a kick out of it. Stylistically, this ditty is on the lighter side of what will be on the album.”

Support Bob Spencer’s project – and be part of his Be part of his next music video clip!  www.pozible.com/bobspencer

The story of the project

Album title – SAINTS AND MURDERERS – Bob Spencer

I need your assistance to record, mix and master an album of 12 original songs.

This will be my first ever solo album!

First, I’ll get this question out of the way: “But you were in famous bands; aren’t you rich?!”.
Er, well, no. If I were, you wouldn’t be reading this!

Ever since I was very young, I’ve never stopped writing music. I was the main writer of music (not lyrics) in my earliest band, Finch, and the main songwriter, along with Rick Brewster, in The Angels (writing music, rarely lyrics). Greg Macainsh wrote the Skyhooks songs, and I was fortunate enough to help interpret them and learn a thing or two from him.

Along the way, I was inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame.

Unlike my previous recordings, this album will contain songs which are not required to squeeze into a band’s format, set structure, style, agenda, or which will appease a particular target audience or demographic. In short; I want to record songs which I think are cool and interesting, which groove largely and which I hope you’ll dig, too! :-)

When The Devil Gets To Heaven
Who Are These People? (co-written with Laura Davidson)
The Road Goes On Forever
Rosie (based on a 19th Century chain gang song).
Maroubra, 1973, September, 3 PM (instrumental)
My Wife Will Kill Me
Why Don’t You Stick To Music
Saints and Murderers
As White As Jesus
Native Tongue (co-written with Laura Davidson)
Talk Show Love
Take The Low Road

How the funds will be used

CD duplication $2000
Postage and packaging $2500
Studio for recording drums $1500
Drummer session fees $1500
Travel and accom for drummers $1000
Mastering $1200
Music video editing $1200
Pozible costs $750
Social media campaign $1000
Feed my family for 12 weeks whilst I record the album $3000If I am fortunate enough to raise more than that amount, 10% of the extra money raised will go to charities. These being ARCA and Act For Kids.ARCA has been set up by Australia roadies to assist the families of road crew who have passed away and also those currently suffering from mental health issues. It’s a dreadful situation where roadies are dis-proportionally represented in Australia’s suicides. Without their tireless efforts and dedication, there would simply be a mess of a music business.The other charity is Act For Kids, an organisation which seeks to help kids who come from abusive environments. Abused kids tend to become abusive adults. This charity aims to make a positive difference in the lives of these kids and to help create a better world for all.

Some of my other work

Check out my previous bands Skyhooks and The Angels, plus a bit of a Google search. :-)  Here are some  various live performances which include The Angels, Guns’n’Roses jamming with us, Skyhooks and Raw Brit. And here’s my  Facebook Music Page


The misconception that I am independently wealthy due to being in two successful bands, and therefor don’t require a Pozible campaign!

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