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Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?

Ascendancy is our second studio album which we recorded back in December. It’s available via iTunes and Bandcamp on the 26th of February. It was quite an achievement for us to finally make this record as we had 3 bass players in that 12 month window. Fortunately for us, we crossed paths with Darren Staite and he took over the bass duties, we gave him a baptism by fire and he learnt the songs fast. We are really happy with the 10 songs that make up this album, there are some great tracks and we think people will dig it.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?

Favourite track on the Album is Lonely – a tale of unrequited love between two poker players, closely followed by Fierce Goddess which has a radio friendly vibe.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

Make sure when you’re on the road that someone is sober enough to read a map. On our last visit to Melbourne our old bass player was in charge of directions one night and sent us the wrong way back to our hotel. Not knowing we were going the wrong direction, he read google maps backwards and we spent over an hour driving in circles for what should have been a 10 min drive. A speeding fine and a couple of unexpected tolls made for an expensive gig.

What, or who, inspires you?

I’m inspired by people that face adversity in their everyday life and turn negative situations into an opportunity to help others.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Anything by Vanda and Young for the royalties, Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix .

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

A traditional meaty steak, that is perfectly cooked and seasoned, with a side of chunky potato fries and a ballsy pepper sauce. Traditional with a modern twist, no bullshit food that makes you feels good.

What’s next for you?

We have a show on the 27th of February at the Townie Newtown and a run of high profile gigs to be announced in the not too distant future. We use our spare time to work on new material just to keep things interesting.

What’s your scene?

Going to pawn shops and looking for bargains like guitars/pedals and hunting around for vinyl records and collectables. Second-hand musical treasure hunter would be my ideal job. How great is the Sydney scene, whether you enjoy the food, coffee, beers, shopping, live music or people, there’s something for everyone young or old.

the dirty earth 1 There is nothing so fine as a righteous blast of rock and roll energy, a white-hot mainline that shakes your body into action.

You know it, that moment when the guitars and the drums and the voice all hit it together, when your own space in the world lights up and the experience leaves a manic grin of exhilaration plastered across your face.

The Dirty Earth do that, it’s their mission. This band play music so they can break free and fly, hit that space. C’mon, join their Rock And Soul journey.

Mandy at the microphone, gospel of soul in her veins, she’s sung jingles and sleazy punk and everything in between. Raff’s flicking riffs off of his fingers, honed his sonic storms up and down the East Coast in a snarling stoner rock band. Darren is in the groove, supple basslines nurtured over many a session. [pullquote]”like the love child of Suzi Quatro and Sweet, who’s been babysat by Rose Tattoo”[/pullquote] Behind the kit, Leon, a journeyman drummer and a veteran of the Aussie rock circuit, pushing the band out to the edge.

the dirty earth 3 These folks – seasoned musos – have been around the block a few times, independently sharing stages with some impressive national and international acts. They’ve lived it, played it, their skill and artistry and attitude have come together at the right place and time in a fireball of rock and roll.

With a brace of new songs, The Dirty Earth is one shit hot band that will rock and roll your today and all your tomorrows.

the dirty earth ascendancy ASCENDANCY is released February 26 through MGM on CD and Digital.

Album Launch this Saturday 27th February @ The Townie, Newtown.

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