Q&A Scene: Ian Powne ~ The STRESS of LEISURE

What’s your favourite work at this point in time? Would have to say our latest album ‘Eruption Bounce’ because it’s out latest album. Really great lyrics throughout and the songs are fun to play. On top of that, half the songs are co-writes which reflects the fantastic camaraderie we have in the band.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote. I often throw up song titles when we’re rehearsing and see if a song comes out of the resulting jam. When I mentioned the title ‘I Thought You Were Young’ Pascalle, Jessica and Jane all looked at me suspiciously. Suspicions were high but calmed however, with me singing the resulting lyric – “I thought you were young/I thought that you were 33”. Subsequently it’s a band favourite.
How would you describe your sound in food form and why? Something that’s light and easy for the sub tropics like a soft taco. It’s a friendly and a fun type of food really, like us – you can enjoy it on some inner city street corner or simply spill it all over yerself with some nice cool beers in the backyard.
What, or who, inspires you? Dave Graney and Clare Moore are big inspirations for all of us in The Stress of Leisure. We’ve had the great pleasure of playing with them many times over the years, whether with the MistLY or when they play as the rhythm section in Harry Howard and the NDE. Not only do we love what they do musically, they’ve always made the music they want to make and continue to do it through thick and thin. We think they’re national treasures.
Which song do you wish you wrote? Devo’s reworking of the Rolling Stones’ ‘Satisfaction’. It is the benchmark of all covers.
What’s next for you? We’re just about to play a final show with Custard in Sydney, which also is the end of our first bit of touring for the album ‘Eruption Bounce’. It’ll be sad to finish our touring with Custard, we’ve really loved playing with them the past month.
What’s your scene? Our scene is Brisbane. At times it is unbearably hot. What is very inspiring about the place though, is that all the weirdoes find each other, and this lends to essentially this fantastic oddbeat creative culture. All types of bands play together. It’s friendly too.

With their new album Eruption Bounce coming out later this year on Brisbane label Plus One Records. described by Frontman Ian Powne as “a yearning for positivity, but essentially more songs about buildings, food AND the internet” the first single I Wanna Be Adult lives up to the hype…… 
The video clip for first single I Wanna Be Adult was directed by Pascale Burton and shot locally in Brisbane
taking the ‘Come Dine with Me’ Show to its natural conclusion….

The song is Inspired by the politics of being more ‘adult’ – “We’re going to be a more adult government”, “The adults are in charge”. Once again, just keep buying more stuff, get into debt, be an ‘adult’. The shaping by the media of what an adult is, is infuriating. Of course ‘adult’ can also mean, ‘a bit blue’.

ALBUM out now

The Stress of Leisure are also pleased to announce their upcoming Tour Dates
including shows with Custard…

9 November @ The Basement (Sydney) w/ Custard
18 November @ Sonic Sherpa Records Instore
23 December @ The Triffid (Brisbane) w/ The Gin Club

The Stress of Leisure, like all the best bands, is a party band in the art-school mould. Imagine a Brisbane backyard full of misfits dancing and sweating their hearts out.  It’s Queensland post-punk and irreverent as all hell. 4ZZZ describes the band as “off-kilter dancefloor filler.”

Formed in 2006, the band has expanded from being the one-man outfit of Ian Powne to a fully-fledged awesome foursome. Joining Ian on stage these days is the femme-attack of Pascalle Burton (keys and synth), Jane Elliott (bass) and Jessica Moore (drums). 

The most recent The Stress of Leisure album release, 2015’s Achievement, received much acclaim and was shortlisted for the Qld Music Awards Album of the Year. Noel Mengel, noted Brisbane music writer, put it in his top ten albums for 2015 stating, “You won’t find a weak track here. A classic Brisbane record.”

When legendary Australian musician Dave Graney describes you as “weird and freaky in the most positive ways, joyous and gleeful, a beacon of creativity”, you know you must be doing something right.

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