Q&A Scene: Track-by-Track with Raised By Eagles’ Luke Sinclair & Nick O’Mara

Luke Sinclair & Nick O’Mara of Raised By Eagles take us  track-by-track through the songs they wrote for their third album, I Must Be Somewhere.

Shape & Line – Luke Sinclair

Is about letting go of a lifetime of trying to make a relationship work. Sometimes we feel tied to certain people out of obligation rather than love… whether it’s because of blood, guilt, sympathy or empathy … it’s inevitably toxic. You reach a certain age, or point in your life where you finally understand that you don’t have to feel like that anymore, and in fact you never had to. So you let it go and move on for good. In that sense this is a hopeful song as much as it is a hopeless one.

Every Night – Nick O’Mara

The bands version of a country gospel song, featuring a wall of guitars in the absence of a choir – a baritone electric, a 12 string electric, a 12 string acoustic, open tuned Martin and Gibson steel strings, and a ghost of a resonator.  Written by Nick O’Mara and one of the three tracks sung by him on the album, lyrically it’s a meditation on deliverance and corruption, and archetypes of good and bad – knowing those things when you see them, when they’re close by and out there in the world.

I Must Be Somewhere – Luke Sinclair

This is a song about spirituality, and the conscious possibilities outside of physical constraints. Where do we go when we die? Losing someone you love can result in a relentless internal expedition as you desperately try to hold on to some kind of connection with them. Constantly wondering where they might be and how to get closer to them. What is out there in the universe and what is our place in it? Where are we? Where are you? If you’re not here anymore, you must be out there… somewhere… right?

Nowhere (You Wanna Run) – Nick O’Mara

A country rock stomper, this track show’s the bands sonic love of ‘Exile on Main Street’ era Rolling Stones. Written by Nick on a 5 string nylon string in a caravan park many years ago. The slide solo was played on a ‘Coodercaster’ – a copy of Ry Cooder’s famous one off “frankensteined” Stratocaster, a mongrel guitar assembled with various 60’s fender guitar parts and electronics ripped out of a Japanese mail order guitar and a Hawaiian lap-steel. The band stood twenty feet away from the original of this revered instrument when they watched Cooder playing it at a venue in Nashville on their 2015 trip to the USA.

Lyrically about dissatisfaction and getting stuck, and taking your time til time takes your chances away.

Heartbreaker – Luke Sinclair

A song about insecurity and wasting time. Somebody trying so hard to protect himself from heartache that he eventually creates it.

Night Wheels – Luke Sinclair

Is ultimately a song about being careful what you wish for… wanting something so badly for so long and finally getting it, but then realizing the reality is so much more complicated than the dream. It’s also a song about wanting to change so that you can hold onto something good, but not being able to… giving in to the realization that you just don’t have it in you, and surrendering to the inevitability of who you are.

Everyday, Everyday – Luke Sinclair

Nick sent me the music for this song. He had already titled it Everyday, Everyday… so I just wrote lyrics that hooked back around to that title. It gave me something to anchor the song to. It’s about being worn down by the relentless persistence of some kind of negative force in your life, but ultimately defeating it. It’s about escape and liberation, which is what the outro alludes to… like the breaking of the dawn.

Dreamer – Luke Sinclair

Dreamer is a song about ambition being conquered by fear, and giving in to the pressures that come with trying to ‘make it’.

Gold Rush Blues – Nick O’Mara

A dark, finger picked ballad in a minor key. This track utilises a high strung Nashville tuned guitar, and a palm bender equipped lap steel, which allows the player to emulate the string bending, melancholic chords of a pedal steel, with hand operated levers.

Originally conceived as an instrumental piece by Nick O’Mara, he added the lyric later as a study of greed and exploitation. A story that’s both age old and modern of what happens to those who get left behind when money and a boom blows through somewhere.

By Now – Luke Sinclair

Is a song about regret… trying to make amends for mistakes and find the right words to win back the heart of somebody you hurt. It’s also about wanting too much, realizing you’ve been chasing your tail and that your dreams have destroyed the beauty of simplicity.



1.        Shape & Line

2.        Every Night

3.        I Must Be Somewhere

4.        Nowhere (You Wanna Run)

5.        Heartbreaker

6.        Night Wheels

7.        Every Day, Every Day

8.        Dreamer

9.        Gold Rush Blues

10.     By Now



Check out the first single from I MUST BE SOMEWHERE – Shape & Line.




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