Q&A Scene: Sad Grrrls Festival Special: Cosima of JAALA


Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?

Our new single ‘ticket’ is our most hardcore song in the feels department, its also the most brutal on the vocal chords. We also made a filmclip in a house about to he demolished, my flatmates left all their things there and that became the set.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time? (your own or your group’s work)

Making music in Jaala is a very special part of my life. I also love making music with my best friend Kirkis because we make each other laugh and we can be really silly together.

What, or who, inspires you?

I’m inspired most by people who are vulnerable and share all their inner workings; it makes for the best art.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 

I would describe Jaala as a rainbow paddle pop, colourful but homely and tastes just like the caramel flavour.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

I wish i wrote “All Rendered Truth” by Lonnie Holly

What’s next for you?

We have a couple of shows coming up and then we gotta knickle down and make out next album.

What’s your scene?

I don’t really have a scene that I would say I belong to. If anything, just general misfits are the people I become drawn to on a deeper level.

Jaala is the music articulated in blistered staccato and halting breath. It’s the unpicking of a seam – savage and hypnotically ornate. But for all its telepathic unison, for its entire restless notation and near intangibility, Jaala isn’t a study – it’s a torrent. Its punk that writhes against the beat in the very shape of the seething disaffection and crippling guilt that gave it life. Singer and guitarist Cosima doesn’t even pick up guitar unless she’s “really happy, or really sad”. This vulnerability and catharsis are at the core of Jaala’s music – and is what has made their complexity so instantly accessible. Their songs aren’t just a vivisection of a single person’s past, but a discourse on displacement that runs like a restless thread through their record. Jaala’s acclaimed debut album Hard Hold is a thirty-three minute, eight-track exorcism. Since it’s release in October 2015, Hard Hold immediately became one of the most talked-about independent releases of the year. After a raft of glowing national and international reviews it was selected by Triple J as the coveted feature album in early December – a distinction that was mirrored by other stations towards the closing of 2015.  Hard Hold was recorded in just a week with Paul Bender from Hiatus Kaiyote and described by Pitchfork as “a clever record that rarely foregrounds that fact—perhaps because it was recorded in a week, it hangs onto a scampering, impromptu quality that only adds to its appeal”  .Jaala’s affinity to dissonance with their jagged tempos, lyrical turmoil and diffused musical histories, make their sonic unity and steadily expanding fancies almost anomalous. Cosi Jaala isn’t so surprised – “I think that birds of a feather do flock together”  Jaala’s live shows are a chance for punters to experience Jaala in the their most dynamic form – “There are no visual cues” guitarist Nicholas Lam assures, “we could do it with our eyes closed” Their songs still snarl and spit like rancid poetry, but it’s Jaala’s pause and accord that is truly enthralling. “I don’t think any of us are thinking about it metronomically” Drummer Maria Moles explains, “it’s stretchy and moves around.”

In 2016, Jaala have supported LA’s seductive, neo-soul outfit The Internet during their Australian tour as well as Perth’s buzz-pop trio Methyl Ethel. The 4-piece played a packed out month-long residency at Melbourne’s Gasometer Hotel in March.

Catch JAALA at the SAD GRRRLS Melbourne Festival on October 1st:

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