Q&A Scene: Belinda Campbell

Q&A with Belinda Campbell (wit incorporated Artistic Director)

Tell us about your new play, Fairy Tale News?

Fairy Tale News is a brand new Australian comedy, that takes some of our favourite children’s storybook characters and sticks them together in a slightly chaotic newsroom. While Prime Minister Humpty Dumpty tries to recover from his fall in the polls and put his party back together, Big Mal Wolfe has stolen Granny’s basket of goodies. Police Sergeant Bo Peep is on the case, with reporters Rapunzel and Snow White reporting on the scene.

How would you describe the play in food form and why?

It’s the theatrical equivalent of lolly cake, which is super-popular in New Zealand. On the outside, it looks like an ordinary chocolate cake, but when you cut it open, it’s an extravaganza of sweet, colourful joy.

Which scene resonates most strongly with you and why?

The scenes that feature smaller news stories are some of our favourites. Pinocchio’s predictably bad weather forecast is pretty good (especially living in Melbourne), and Prime Minister Humpty Dumpty has a few great sight gags that always get us giggling.

Any behind the scenes anecdotes?

This is one of the most fun shows we have done, and the whole team love a laugh, so most of our behind-the-scenes stories are about us running around like small children, pretending to be various fairy tale characters and just generally being silly.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Everywhere! It might seem trite, but every moment in life is a story. This script alone draws inspiration from government, gender politics, nursery rhymes, rainy days, pop music and pizza!

What’s next for you?

We have a play reading in June, A Scandal in the Weimar, which is a reimagined Sherlock Holmes story, with Lady Sherlock and Dr Jean Watson squaring off against the Mitford Sisters in Berlin in 1939. Our next full-scale production is Macbeth, from 12 to 27 August. It’s everything you love about Game of Thrones, House of Cards and feminism, live on stage.

What’s your scene?

Playing some ukulele in the front garden, on a cool Autumn afternoon.

More about Fairy Tale News :

School holidays will be full of laughs thanks to wit incorporated and Maribyrnong City Council. As part of Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Fairy Tale News brings all the laughs to children aged 2 to 102, in Bluestone Church Arts Space from 2 to 8 April.

Following the success of their free tickets giveaway for February’s production of Couch Potato, wit incorporated will again give local residents a chance to see a show for free. Locals can grab freebees to the preview performance on Friday 1 April by emailing wit incorporated (hello@witinc.com.au) with their name and address.

Who stole Granny’s basket of goodies? Can Prime Minister Humpty Dumpty recover from his fall in the polls? Will weatherman Pinocchio ever get the forecast right? And why do all the Disney Princess reporters look the same?

Fairy Tale News is a riotous look at Fairy Tale News Network’s Nightly Network News, Now. Hosts Hansel and Gretel take children and adults through a celebration of some of our favourite fairy tales, told through the lens of modern media.

Created by wit incorporated Artistic Director, Belinda Campbell, and tested on children and adults, this is 45 minutes of side-splitting laughter.

This fun, colourful and musical adventure centres on an investigation into Granny’s basket of goodies, with a cast of characters familiar to anyone who has ever opened a book of fairy tales.

Featuring some of Melbourne’s finest independent actors and full of toe-tapping songs, colourful costumes and jokes for all ages, this show will have audiences roaring with laughter. Children can even stay after the show to meet some of the characters!

Fairy Tale News Director and wit incorporated Company Manager, Jennifer Piper, says this show brings fairytales to life, then edits them for a broadcast-ready time-slot. “We love surprising and exciting our audiences, especially those who might be visiting the theatre for the first time,” she says. “Fairy Tale News brings classic fairy tales and a real-world setting crashing together, with hilarious results.”

Having trained as a broadcaster early in her career, Jennifer is well-suited to parody the news show format. “Like any workplace, there is a lot that goes on in a newsroom that already feels a bit like satire,” she says. “I look forward to celebrating the more ridiculous parts of children’s fiction and broadcast media, in a way that leaves audiences grinning until their faces hurt.”

Tickets on sale now at witinc.com.au/whats-on/ftn

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