Q&A Scene: Chris Cavill & The Prospectors

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?

The single ‘Midnight Train’ is a reflection of my time away from playing music a few years ago. After a lengthy break, I started to form a new song-list inspired by taking risks, discovering new love, and letting go of the past; this soon became the underlying theme of the album, ‘Know Your Destiny’.

We head on tour this week (as Chris Cavill & The Prospectors); commencing at Lazybones Lounge in Sydney on Friday night. I’m really excited about the sets we’ve put together. There’s a good mix of songs from ‘Know Your Destiny’; some older releases of mine; a Tom Petty and Ben Harper cover; as well as a handful of new ‘rockier’ songs we’ve been working on.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

A 450gram medium-rare T-bone steak. Packed with goodness; moderate volume level; rare mix of genres; and a bunch of meaty characters.

Which song resonates most strongly and why?

There’s quite a few on the album that represent very important phases of my life, however I would have to say ‘Loretta’ is most significant. It’s a song I wrote for my gorgeous wife on our wedding day. It wasn’t supposed to make the album, however everyone kept requesting that it did. Ended up being a pretty good decision.

Any on the road anecdotes?

None for public knowledge, haha. Let’s just say our banta is in-house, but it’s very interesting.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

For this album I was heavily inspired by classic 70’s records such as Neil Young’s ‘After the Gold Rush’ and ‘Harvest’, as well as more modern classics like ‘Continuum’, ’Ashes and Fire’ and Eddie Vedder’s ‘Into the wild’ soundtrack. I love the singer/songwriter vibe; I’m captivated by their stories and perspectives on the world.

What’s next for you?

Well we have 5 big shows coming up on the East Coast. Then we would like to finish off the year playing as many festivals and cool gigs as we can. We have landed a festival spot, which I can’t name just yet, and are super excited for this. We already have a heap of new material we’d like to start demo’ing too.

What’s your scene?

Musically…. I like to support local talent and try to get to as many gigs I can.

In general… I’m a bit of a ‘community’ type. Have a passion for teaching and working with youth. I love spending time with my family and mates. I’m also an earthy kinda guy.. you know, grow my own veggies and stuff like that, haha.


Take the folk-rock stylings of artists such as Neil Young and The Band, stir in some ’60s soul balladry, then add a very healthy dose of bluesy riffy goodness. Garnish with sharp, insightful songwriting and water-tight execution, and the result is Chris Cavill & The Prospectors.

Cavill is no stranger to the Australian music scene. In a career spanning more than 9 years, the Melburnian singer-songwriter has played all over the country and released a string of acclaimed records with his erstwhile backing band, The Long Weekend.

!The Prospectors sees Cavill tread new terrain, with an eclectic sound that exudes solemn maturity while retaining the energy and effervescence of his roots-rock foundations. With the experience of Dave Cafarella (drums), Peter King (bass and vocals), and Tom Braham (lead guitar) this is a band which can glide effortlessly between raw folk ballads, intricate instrumentation and rich vocal harmonies, and tub-thumping rockers.

!The recently released LP ‘Know Your Destiny’, does not chase the zeitgeist or look to grab onto the coat-tails of passing fads. This is real music that draws on classic, earthy tones and explores themes like love and loss, the mystical and the mundane, and the ever-growing awareness of one’s own mortality. In short: Chris Cavill & The Prospectors are not your grandaddy’s rock band, but they would probably like a lot of his records.

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