Scene News: Frankie’s Vinyl Fair


Feb 15 marks the date. The first in what will be a regular event, a perpetuating phenomena, a movement to inspire a generation and re-inspire a generation past! Yep, consider Frankie’s Vinyl Fair the vinegar stroke of a noble sword, primed, prepped and set to sprog vital seed atop the fertile soil of Sydney’s burgeoning vinyl scene.


February 25 is not just one for the diary, it’s one for the scriptures, one to be scribed on non degradable toilet paper, ONE TO WRITE HOME ABOUT. Call your friends, carve it in a tabernacle, we don’t give a fuck, just don’t miss it!

By the stroke of midday, we’re opening wide and blowing your minds with a vast range of rare, collectible, modern and vintage vinyl. Some of Sydney’s hottest record stores will be showcasing as well as a select mob of rock & roll wielding independent dealers.

Because it’s Frankie’s, we’re even allocating space for vinyl pressing local acts to strut their merch.Hear your favourite record stores play their favourite albums over the course of the day, and for those who are game…….. Between the hours of 6 and 8pm, we’re turning over the tables to you! Punter’s chance to spin their favourite albums, trial the day’s purchases and take us on a trip all their own.

Bands and dealers may register interest at:
It is of course FREE and the bar will of course be OPEN.
50 Hunter st Sydney

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