Scene News: New video from Alexandria Maillot “Messed It Up”

it’s funny how you can’t see the full picture until you’re removed from it. only then are you able to internalize everything in retrospect.

after pursuing music for nearly a decade in Vancouver, I was working three jobs, living paycheck-to-paycheck and had very little in terms of both time and energy to create.

eventually, I faced an ultimatum:

– focus on my health by moving back in with my mom on the island (leaving behind my partner, my life, my friends, and whatever progress I had made in my local music community) OR

– stay in Vancouver and continue to grind (until my health inevitably gave up and I was out of options.)

it was a bitter pill to swallow, but I moved into a cabin in my mom’s backyard. void of city noise, cell service and wifi, I felt like I was finally able to really work on myself. once I began to make sense of my new normal, music naturally returned to me.

Messed It Up” is an open wound that’s desperately yearning to be mended. it’s the first single from my sophomore record, Benevolence, which is set for release this coming fall 2019.

despite the distance, nothing has changed in my personal life. the relationships that I feared jeopardizing have not faltered. people who love and care for you will still be there, regardless of how much space and time you need. turning a new page may often be uncomfortable; but change is not linear, and neither is life.

stream the single, “Messed It Up,” on SoundCloud / Spotify

watch the official “Messed It Up” video on YouTube

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