Music Scene: Ben Rogers’ Instrumental Asylum – In Search of Lasseter’s Riff – track by track

1. Heroes Following the sad news of David Bowie’s death we decided to cover one of his songs at
our live shows, and this arrangement is the result.

2. Take the ‘A’ Train Duke Ellington’s signature tune, written by Billy Strayhorn in 1939. We can’t resist
messing with a jazz standard.

3. Twenty Thirteen For us this tune evokes the time when it was written – the summer of 2013.

4. Save the City A bizarre term coined by a small boy to describe his ritual scooter riding superhero
games while his father watered the garden on summer evenings.

5. Angel Eyes Another jazz standard – this one written by Matt Dennis and Earl Brent. Our
arrangement used the form of the Frank Sinatra version, where it opens with the bridge.

6. Alamania The “Al” comes from drummer Al Kash, who was visiting Australia from Upstate New
York around the time this was written. The “mania” seemed appropriate for the tune.

7. Bellywacker Sounds like hitting the water with your stomach first. Composed by drummer Denis.

8. Waves of Apollo A surf-style tune composed by Ben’s long-time friend, folk musician Louey Hesterman. We added a liberal dose of distortion and reverb.

9. See, Mine are Blue A slow ballad. The title is simply a corruption of “C-minor blues”.

10. Trixie This tune began with vintage drums recorded at a studio in Albany NY, and the melody
written to fit the drum drack. Not the usual way to write a tune, but it seemed to work. Al
Kash provided the drum tracks, with a comment that he was channeling “sleaze
stripper/black stocking vibe” and so we named the tune after a working girl from a TV

11. Dingo Scat Something to avoid treading in whilst roaming the outback searching for Lasseter’s Riff.
Perth pianist Phil Bennett tinkled on this track.

12. In Search of Possibly a movie score in search of a movie? The tale of Lasseter is explained in the
Lasseter’s Riff album liner notes.

13. Frabjous Bolero Another baritone guitar tune. This is what happens when you give Denis a riff…

Ben Rogers’ Instrumental Asylum
Guitar: Ben Rogers
Bass: Nikki Scarlett
Drums: Denis Close

A high-energy trio dedicated to reverb drenched surf-rock/surf-jazz/guitar-noir.
Based in Melbourne (Australia), they play a mix of rocking original compositions and instrumental
classics that pay homage to their influences (Link Wray, Ventures, Django Reinhardt, Atlantics,
Shadows, Duane Eddy), but with their own distinctive distorted twang and tough edge.

In Search of Lasseter’s Riff

Australian genre-fluid surf/rock power trio Ben Rogers’ Instrumental Asylum release their fourth studio album.

The album opens with a baritone guitar version of David Bowie’s Heroes, and moves into a mixed bag of original compositions along with re-imaginings of a couple of jazz standards.

CD available in Australia from Readings (St Kilda and Carlton). Distributed by CD Baby
Available from most digital stores including iTunes and Amazon and on popular streaming
platforms worldwide.

Release date: January 8th, 2018

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