Metal Scene: #4 August 2017

As many people say ‘There’s no rest for the wicked’, and certainly the wicked have been insanely busy over the past few months, making music that is now spewing forth from the bowels of hades.

Mason has released a new L.P. called Impervious and to celebrate they’re playing a show on August 19th at Melbourne’s iconic Tote hotel, along with Harlott, Maniaxe and Destruktor. Fresh off the back of a Canadian tour, we now get to hear our homeboys thrash out the likes of ‘Tears of Tragedy’. If you don’t love the guitar work in the title track, you’ve ‘gotta’ be deaf. Their album is out now via ‘bigcartel’

Germany’s long-lived metal band Accept has released its forth studio album, The Rise of Chaos, the theme of which is pretty self explanatory. The sound is bigger than ‘80’s shoulder pads (and that’s saying something). Out now on Nuclear Blast you can’t go past this release if you love your metal with that special nostalgic, no bullshit vibe. Treat your ears to the title track. If they play Wacken does it mean they’re any good? You’d better fucking believe it.

The jury is out about the big little man Ronnie James Dio’s upcoming hologram tour. It seems that Dio himself would have loved the idea (according to his wife), but there’s a fine line between a gig and a circus sideshow. Check it out here and make up your own mind.

Tool tribute band Third Eye play Melbourne, Ballarat, Sydney and Brisbane this August and September. If you love Tool, you won’t be disappointed, but even if Tool didn’t top your favourites list, go for the special effects and lighting. Destroy all lines don’t muck about with poor imitations.

New singles on the Nuclear Blast label are Wintersun’s ‘Eternal Darkness (Autumn)’, an epic pagan-like tribute to the season, Municipal Waste’s ‘Breathe Grease’ – the video of which is at once shocking and hilarious, and Korpilaani’s ‘Erämaan ärjyt’, which takes the listener on a rollicking metal cross folk journey.

To finish up this week, I feel I must mention Ace Frehley’s new single ‘Hard For Me’, which verges on metal because of its rabid guitar sounds. Frehley’s lyrics are not exactly P.C. indicating that he hasn’t actually dug his way out of the cave, but there are those people who think that any adverse criticism of Kiss members is akin to treason, and they may just like this track. To my ears it takes itself way too seriously (and I think it’s shit), but I won’t judge you if you love it…well maybe just a bit.

Peace brothers and sisters.

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