Metal Scene: #1 July 2017

Welcome to the new column for those punters who order their music ripped. Melbourne (and Aussie) peeps have always supported talent that has crawled out of spaces so small as to be forgotten by the culturally bland towns that purport to be very, very important artistically. We are far enough away from that line of thinking not to get our collective heads stuck so far up our collective arses that we can’t smell a good thing anymore.

Speaking of good things, the first shout out goes to a band from Salvador called ‘Inner Call’. With full-on guitar riffs strong drum beats and lyrics that mean something more than ‘let’s get trashed and trash something’, these guys have been making a name for themselves in their local hood. Musically they’ve got it ‘goin on’, and while the vocals are a bit samey at this point in their history, it shouldn’t be too long before the band sounds exactly like themselves and no one else. They have their first self-titled album out, and if you hook into their site you can take it for a spin for free. See what you think of ‘I’m Back (This is Rock ‘N’ Roll)’ – to my ears a metal/punk hybrid.

Whilst we’re waxing lyrical about Latin American metal gurus, Ill NiÑo is set to tour our wide brown land in August. With the promise that they’ll be playing ‘Revolution Revoluciónin its entirety, the band has drummed-up a modicum of excitement. Joining Ill NiÑo on stage will be Terror Universal featuring current and former members of Machine Head, Ill NiÑo & Soulfly. They’re hell bent on wreaking terror and destruction in our town and on our ears.

If that’s not enough CKY has a brand new album, ‘The Phoenix’ to add to their impressive discography. Promoters have spoon-fed us a few songs in order to drum up interest in the album, and undoubtedly if you love CKY you’re already onto them. Whilst grabbing a spot on radio playlists is unlikely (just because they’re metal goddamnit), the songs have a commercial sound, with slick production and the hooks required for them to get stuck in your head. If you don’t believe me, have a listen to ‘Replaceable’.

Trapt still have a few dates left of their Aussie tour. If you’re into nu metal or heavy rock, catch the last of their shows here. With nary a bad review, you can expect a really schmick gig from this long-lived unit. Despite being together for twenty years or so, they’ve not been down under before now so maybe they need to be shown just how we rock it in this neck of the woods.

Some frenetic new releases from Cellar Darling, Blind Guardian and Rage (OMG that guitar!), and stacks of other bands that should have their own column, and not just a mention.

To top off the week is Bon Scott’s birthday, so pay the great man some respect, and rock it hard. Peace brothers and sisters. \m/

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