Gig Scene: Witchgrinder, The Ding Dong Lounge, September 4th 2015

Celebrating the launch of their second album Haunted (read our review), Witchgrinder had returned to their hometown of Melbourne to light up the stage of the Ding Dong Lounge with their special brand of metal.

Supporting them were two local bands, the first being Atomic Riot who brought an energetic barrage of music for the crowd beginning to build up. Their performance was full of upbeat energy, with notable mentions for their impromptu Happy Birthday, from which the birthday girl fled as fast as she could, but not before being literally dragged to the stage by her friends, and the crowd favourite ‘Whiskey Business’. Free booze is a great way to earn the hearts of the audience.

Decimatus were up next, bringing an explosive blast of metal to whet the crowd’s appetite. Their sound got heads banging and fists pumping. Tommy Jennings’ growls were behind a solid amount of shredding guitars and pounding drums.

Witchgrinder started off their set with the energetic Rigor Mortis, whipping the crowd into an absolute frenzy, following up with Bloodlust which got hair flying and heads banging. There was a great list of songs to really capture Witchgrinder’s energetic performing style as well as incorporating some of their older tracks from The Demon Calling.

The dark and enclosed venue gave a great vibe to the entire performance, playing up a lot of the horror tropes while the metal was blasting. The strobe lighting gave an otherworldly feel to the band, with the pyrotechnics blasting away with the thrashing.

Travis, like any good horror movie monster, managed to get the entire venue screaming their lungs out with his banter riling up the crowd. “This place has a lot of Indie bands…. Let’s show them some METAL!”

Witchgrinder left the entire venue begging for more by the end of it all, and sent home a lot of happy metal heads with sore necks.


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