Gig Scene: Seether – Forum Theatre, July 4th 2015

Seether has been described as the biggest alternative rock group to emerge from South Africa, and whether Seether be a small pot to boil food in or a song by Veruca Salt, it certainly has been boiling away for the past sixteen years. Their ‘Isolate and Medicate’ tour is a celebration of their 6th full-length album and the synthesis of all that has been experienced musically and otherwise by this trio of inveterate musicians.

SEETHER_12Shaun Morgan (vocals, guitar), Dale Stewart (bass, backing vocals) Bryan Wickmann (guitar) and John Humphrey (drums) played a packed Forum Theatre and from the first their loyal fans were ready to rock it out to both the old stalwarts and new additions to the band’s repertoire.

It seems that sixteen years ago the group hit upon a winning formula, and despite becoming more sophisticated lyrically and instrumentally, the 90’s, heavily indie influenced sound, still pervades. We can say that everything old is new again, and after a move away from the brilliance of the grunge era by most bands, it was actually refreshing to hear it played live by Morgan and Co.

Morgan puts a personal spin on the lyrics, explaining that they are autobiographical in some respects. Many of the song’s themes are sadly identifiable, but the beats that accompanied the words were uplifting, and punters were able to nod to the familiar messages but dance away in the safety of punchy guitar riffs and adept drum beats.

SEETHER_3Reminiscent of Kurt Cobain’s gravelly garage vocals, Morgan belted out hits and soon to be hits…’Gasoline’, ‘Rise Above This’, ‘Broken’, ‘See You At the Bottom’ and ‘Fake It’, among others, rang out and had the mosh pumping with appreciative vibrancy.

Going by this, we can say that Seether still has a lot in them and though they haven’t done what so many other bands have…reinvented themselves they’ve wisely stuck with what works. The crowd understood this genre of music well and only had to occupy themselves with having a great, bourbon-fuelled time.

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