Gig Scene: Peaches, Nun, Max Watt’s House of Music, Melbourne – 1st May 2015

Local synth punks, NUN close their set with the formidable “Evoke the Sleep” rousing the crowd for the onslaught of Peaches.  As Peaches struts out in an outlandish costume, complete with cape, the crowd scream and clap loudly. “I’ve been waiting for you. Have you been waiting for me?” asks Ms Nisker to cheers, then beckons the crowd to reply louder. Her ballsy attitude and showmanship punctuates the entire show.

“Show Stopper” kicks off a set of sheer hedonism and non stop entertainment. Sans band, Peaches programmes the backing tracks for each song, whilst cavorting on the table in a body hugging number with fondling applique hands. Even fitting in a couple of costume changes on stage before our eyes. She dances, she douses the throng with champagne, she crowd surfs, crowd walks and sings her heart out. Her ‘slutty dancers’ (in her words) dressed in skimpy g-strings, and patent, thigh high, high heeled, laced boots,titillate with their provocative gyrations. Whilst the smut level is high, Peaches tongue is firmly in cheek. Giant fabric, pink and red coloured vaginas held and fondled by the dancers are confronting at first, then amusing. It’s pleasing to have female genitalia demystified and celebrated on stage.

When Peaches sings inside a giant inflatable phallus, held up by the crowd, we all cheer at the spectacle. A hefty electroclash catalogue of hits in the set include “Talk to Me”, “Two Guys for Every Girl” and “AA XXX.” Pre encore Peaches and her dancers sell T-shirts and tank tops emblazoned with “Whose Jizz is This?” from the stage, a clever sales ploy to sell more merchandise. The first encore “Fuck the Pain Away” incites a mass sing along, whilst “Shake Yer Dix” sees her dancers in even raunchier costumes, shaking their tits and dicks respectively.

The inimitable Peaches, gave us one hell of a jaw dropping performance, putting her younger contemporaries to shame. Peaches puts the show back into rock show.



Review by Anna-Maria Megalogenis, photos by Mandy Hall.



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