Gig Scene: Hellyeah – The Corner Hotel, September 29th 2015

Touring their new album Blood For Blood, Hellyeah raised hell at their sold-out Melbourne gig. The Corner Hotel held wall-to-wall metal heads, the likes of which had never been seen before. The number of punters with grey hair was surprising, and one can only assume their affinity with this band stems from days of yore when they thrashed-out to the likes of Pantera and Mudvayne.

Chad Grey (vocals) roared in typical metal fashion, apart from the fact that his annunciation was clear, and if you listened closely almost all of the lyrics could be heard. Tom Maxwell (guitar), Kyle Sanders (bass) Christian Brady (rhythm guitar) and Vinnie Paul (drums) are an instrumental line up to be reckoned with, and provided the professional sounding beats and twangs that made the crowd fire up and mosh in earnest.

Usually folk who gear-up and attend such gigs are there for the music and it’s rare that the mosh gets out of hand. On this night however, the bars were doing good business and the number of drunken wankers who pushed and shoved their way back into the fray after crowd surfing made watching the stage a less than easy experience.

Despite all of this the band played a great and varied set, and though the purpose was to familiarise fans with their newest release, Hellyeah satisfied us with songs taken from across their discography. A crowd favourite was ‘Drink drank Drunk’ which was, on this evening, taken quite literally.

Too much psycho babble from Grey wore a bit thin, but there was no doubting the quality of the band’s work and the excellent way it translated to the live setting, leaving all present gratified with the theatrics, variety and injection of new Hellyeah releases that will keep the fans rocking on for years to come.

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