Gig Scene: Father John Misty – The Forum, 9th December 2015

As the nights get hotter and the vulgarity of excessive X-mas shopping intensifies, ye hirsute Cameron Avery one, folk crooner Father John Misty aka Joshua Tillman delivers a symphonic, musical sermon to soothe our weary, spent souls.

Perth multi- instrumentalist and bass player for Tame Impala, Cameron Avery is performing the “mushiest song he’s ever written”, “C’est Toi” to screams and applause from new found fans. Avery’s hip and friendly demeanour, and impressive vocals endears him to many as he weaves a suspenseful story in “Whoever Said Gambling is for Suckers?”

While Avery is subtle in delivery, Father John Misty is quite the opposite. Over the top, grandiose gestures, hip swivelling and dropping to his knees during his opening song “I Love You, Honeybear.” But the crowd is transfixed and hanging on his every spoken word and sung lyric. As men and women take turns to profess their love for Tillman, one lass persists with her adulation, prompting Tillman to retort, “I love you too, but listen, I need to have some space to process the damage you’ve done to me.”

Father JOhn misty guitar Tillman draws heavily from his second release, critically acclaimed I Love You, Honeybear his “sarcastic ballad” “Bored in The Usa” inciting sing and smoke alongs in the audience and recent single “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” brings the house down, his characteristic booming tenor subduing the masses.

Borrowing an audience member’s phone and filming himself performing seems to be a “thing” at his Australian shows along with the Q and A session performed before the encore. While the format is the same, the content differs, and Tillman’s acerbic wit has charmed impressionable youth and oldies who should know better.

His amusing monologue about the banality of encores, precedes the encore “I Went to the Store One Day”, inspired by meeting his wife and is followed by “Everyman Needs a Companion.”

Father John Misty cajoled, teased, and hip swivelled his way into the hearts, minds and pelvic chakras of all at The Forum on Wednesday night, coupled with an impressive light show, and the high calibre of musicians accompanying him on stage, absolving us from our shopping sins.

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