Gig Scene: Cherry Rock, ACDC Lane Melbourne – May 10th 2015 – part 3 of 3

You can tell a lot about a band’s ethos and professionalism by how well they treat the media. The Cherry bands this year were truly the salt of the earth. Apart from a scramble for space by a couple of less ethical, more egocentric interviewers there was no posturing by ‘look at me’ rock star types. Despite the fact that they must have been gagging for a sit down and a brew, every single musician fielded questions with good grace, and put up with our whimsies and the cameras rolling in their tired faces.

We captured and owe thanks to Kate Langbroek, Matt from Beastwars, the guys from Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene, Child, The Shrine, Red Fang and others. They graciously allowed us to grill them and drain them of their remaining creativity.

The prize for most innovative drink went to BeastwarsMatt who, after much brain wracking and deliberating came up with…whiskey and water. Yeah Matt! What a day…what brilliant music…what endless inspiration! Cherry Rock certainly rocked hard.

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Words by Sharon Brookes, photos by Mandy Hall.

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