Scene News: White Polar Bears in “Orange County”

Orange County” is the first song we ever recorded together.

We’ll never forget the electrified mood we were in afterwards.

It’s a tremendous feeling to see a song you wrote come to life.

After leaving the studio, we ended up in a nearby shady karaoke bar with our producer Endrick Tremblay, and our engineer Jean-Bruno Pinard.

Despite our exhaustion, there was no way any of us could have slept.

The lyrics that make up “Orange County” are a mix of field notes written during a vacation in Florida, and ideas that came as a consequence of turning 30-years-old – wanting simplicity, but realizing that you sowed intricacies all throughout your 20s. We composed the music by trying to picture ourselves on a trip where the sun is always shining.

We wanted “Orange County” to be carried by  hopefulness and empowerment, even if it has doubts about what life may bring.

Thank you for listening!

Wild Mercury

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