Scene News: The Casanovas To Finally Launch Acclaimed “Reptilian Overlord“ Album!!

Better late than never, Melbourne’s the Casanovas will get back to doing what they do best – rock’n’rolling under lights, on a stage, in front of an audience – when they launch their much-acclaimed fourth album REPTILIAN OVERLOARD at Richmond’s Corner Hotel on March 6.

Released back in August, Reptilian Overlord was the Casanovas’ first album in five years and arguably the best-reviewed album of their 20 year career. Produced by iconic Oz Rock engineer/producer Mark Optiz (AC/DC, Angels, Chisel, Divinyls etc), and featuring singles including “Hollywood Riot” (which was appropriately picked up by legendary LA DJ Rodney Bingenheimer) and “Lost and Lonely Dreams”, the album was described by Melbourne’s own preeminent rock booster James Young (owner of the world famous Cherry Bar) as,“It’s like they’ve captured all my favourite rock acts – Cheap Trick, Stones, Kiss, ZZ Top & AC/DC, and crammed them all into their own jar of Vegemite.” Indeed it captured the band’s soulful rock’n’roll groove like never before and drew attention from around the world:

“With ‘Reptilian Overload’, The Casanovas sign off on their best album, a concentrate of hard rock with a sublime heavy touch! The Australian tradition continues!”  5/5 – United Rock Nations, France

“You can compare The Casanovas with bands like AC/DC, Rose Tatto, Airbourne, a little bit of Kiss or the Stones. Asskicking Hard Rock with a light Glam / Sleaze note – sometimes hot and sometimes bluesy.” 8/10 –
Rock Garage, Germany

“’Reptilian Overlord’ is a straight-up feel good record. The Casanovas are at their best when they’re just joyously rocking out, and ‘Reptilian Overlord’ is filled to the brim:  “Cold Day in Hell”, “Stand Back” and the supremely rocking “Red Hot” are simply parties looking for a place to happen, and that place should be the cars and living rooms of anyone who needs to something kick-ass right now.”  8/10 –  Loud

“Summing up: wonderful songs, wonderful songwriters,  wonderful band. Hopefully when the world gets back to its normal self we can go watch them rock the fuck out. The Casanovas will be a priority for me and I want to hear these songs live.” – 5/5, I-94 Bar 

The Casavonas launch “Reptilian Overlord” at the Corner Hotel, March 6 2021. Special guests tbc. “Reptilian Overlord” is out now on Rubber Records, and is available to order on all formats here

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