Scene News: Steve Kilbey releases new album, ELEVEN WOMEN

Steve Kilbey has created a fine new album for 2020. His first solo release for an astoundingly creative year reveals a dazzling array of songs brimming with ideas, personality & effervescence. The collection is at once whimsical yet personal, and in a masterful sleight of hand Kilbey’s Eleven Women are not quite as one might expect.

The album leads us through a shimmering whirlwind of encounters. After the disarming love song Baby Poe we are plunged headlong into the dark world of Doris McAllister, an evil witch who takes us ‘by the bells’. We are regaled by the Celtic wistfulness of Josephine as she forbearingly awaits her ‘wine & roses’ while Birdeen, a greedy lorikeet with a sweet tooth, beguiles us with infectious bounce & colour.

Eleven Women is full of melodic invention & lyrical surprises. Singling out tracks for special mention is frankly impossible since this album consists entirely of highlights. Amongst these bijous however the timelessly beautiful Think of You shines brightly. This song has the unmistakeable stamp of eternity & evokes a sense of having existed since music began.

From the album’s opening salvo it is clear we are in the most capable of hands. Steve Kilbey is a veteran song writer at the very height of his creative powers.
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In the meantime, check out the first performance of these songs by Steve Kilbey, performed live on Instagram live:


Album: 10 Women (Unreleased) – Steve Kilbey Performed on May 4, 2020 from Coogee, NSW, Australia Related Instagram post:  If you enjoy the performance, donations of pay what you want, can be made to: (Steve Kilbey’s official PayPal account)

These are rare one off acoustic performances, with just Steve Kilbey and his 12 string Guild guitar. Inspired to connect with and entertain his people, during the time of COVID-19, in 2020, where everyone’s in lockdown.

10 WOMEN UNRELEASED ALBUM has now become the brilliant ELEVEN WOMEN – RELEASE DATE: 4 Sep 2020, RECORD LABEL: Foghorn FORMAT: CD Album, Digital Album


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