Scene News: ‘Spinning in Solidarity’ Online Fundraising Event to Support Blak Community: Monday 8th June

Swerv & Soju Gang present 


Online Fundraising Event to Support Blak Community

Live from Twitch Monday 8th June 2.30pm-9pm AEST

Swerv and Soju Gang present “Spinning in Solidarity”, a live Twitch event of DJ’s and artists coming together and sharing their passion for music to raise funds as a form of solidarity to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Community.

We acknowledge the injustice, mistreatment and murder of blak bodies by the state, and strive to use this platform to shed light on the continuous breach of human rights taken place in the country we call home – along with raising funds for grassroots Indigenous organisations that actively work towards the freedom, safety and justice of the Indigenous community.

Our aim for “Spinning for Solidarity” is $20,000. We’d be ecstatic to raise more than that so please give all you can. Our chosen funds include:
–  In Memory of Joyce Carter Fund
–  Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR)
–  Justice for David Dungay Junior
–  Emergency Fundraiser to Support the Family of Aunty Tanya Day for her death in custody coronial inquest.

We will be ensuring our donations will be as transparent as possible. A gofundme has been set up as a central place to donate. After the event – we will announce how much has been raised both through the live and through the Facebook event. From there we will be transferring funds to blak deaths in custody organisations. All proceeds will be divided evenly amongst chosen funds and all transactions will be posted publicly to ensure our want for transparency.

So called “Australia” has for too long kept silent and unphased about the violence continuously aimed towards its Indigenous community, while mourning the lives of the black community abroad. It’s time this country realised, and actively works towards dismantling a justice system that criminalises the existence of its First Nations people – the same way we acknowledge and advocate for the rights of black people in America.

We stand for the black lives taken in the US by police brutality; along with their family members, friends and community. And even moreso, we stand for Indigenous lives of those taken and victimised by the justice system; their family members, friends and communities.

Blak lives matter.

For context:

“Blak” was first used by Aboriginal artist Destiny Deacon in 1991 in her exhibition “Blak lik mi”. She defined it as:

A term used by some Aboriginal people to reclaim historical, representational, symbolical, stereotypical and romanticised notions of Black or Blackness. Often used as ammunition or inspiration. This type of spelling may have been appropriated from American hip-hop or rap music.

It’s removal of the “c” offers the Aboriginal community self identity; a term used to define ourselves through a lived urban experience rather than a descriptor given to us by others. 

Soju Gang & Swerv present

Spinning in Solidarity

Monday 8th June from 2.30pm – 9pm AEST

Performing live at











Link to Creative // gofundme // Facebook Event

Because this is a sensitive issue; and we want it to be treated with much care – we ask you to upload this language to accompany the poster. It’s lengthy, and we are happy for you to interpret into your own words – but it’s important that this isn’t just promoted as another gig; the significance of why we are holding this event should be upheld and respected, especially in the social climate we are in right now:

As we watch from afar the continued killing of the black community in the US, we mourn and seek justice for lives taken at the hands of those sworn to serve and protect. Yet at the same time a dark reality is revealed, this is not an American issue – we do not sit on a higher moral ground as a country. 

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait community face the same violence – and for too long we have ignored them. Their deaths go unnoticed and their fight for justice is swept aside. 

It’s time we stand up for our blak community here at home. 

We stand in solidarity with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait community of the land of which we live; and plan to use this time to do our part in seeking justice for the violence continuously faced by our police, and its government. 


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