Performer Scene: Clare Moore – Dave Graney and Clare Moore, the Dames

How did you get into playing drums?

I was always into pop music and learnt piano for about 8 years at school.When I was 14 ,a teacher at my school in Adelaide bought in a lot of rock and jazz musicians to teach us to play those instruments as well which was very unusual in the ’70s . I liked drumming a lot, so became the drummer in my years band and it got me out of doing sport. It did however mean I had gigs every other Sunday at Rockmass in the Cathedral, which I wasn’t that keen on, apart from the hanging out after with friends in the car park bit, although it was a gig I guess and we did play Rock music and it beat having to go to the 7am service with my family!!…These shows were very popular ,so I soon got over any stage fright I had.  

What was your first good drum set and how did you get it?

As my folks ran a pub and we lived there, I was able to watch the 60/40 bands who played every Saturday night. The regular drummer was asked by my folks to go watch me play at Rockmass to see if I had any drumming ability and he thought I was OK, so Mum and Dad asked him to look around for a kit for me.

He found a second hand pink marble Pearl from around mid 60s which was very nice, if a little quiet for me, but new heads and pedal helped make it sound better. I was contacted by its owner recently, somehow he knew it had once belonged to me!  

What were your early musical influences?

I really loved the Stones and hassled my sisters to take me to see them in 1974 at Memorial Drive in Adelaide. That was about the most exciting gig I’ve ever been at, probably being the first big show for me. Charlie was fabulous and played a kit very similar to the one I bought later in London… I pretend it’s the same one of course!

I was so lucky to get to see heaps of brilliant bands back then ,as it was quite easy to sneak in to Apollo Stadium where I saw JJ Cale, Supertramp, Frank Zappa (with Norman Gunston), (very early) Queen, Bryan Ferry, ACDC, The Stranglers, Lou Reed who I saw 3 times. Little Feat and Tom Waits were other shows I saw at Festival Theatre and Memorial Drive had heaps of great shows where several bands would play in one night with line ups like Skyhooks, Daddy Cool and Sherbet, Renee Geyer, Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton, The Beach Boys and Rick Wakeman, Split Enz were others.

Not a lot of female representation in music back then, but in the local touring scene I loved going to see Jane Cliftons band Stiletto which featured 3 women. The local Adelaide scene was really busy and bands would come over from interstate and play city and suburban venues for a week and I would go to see some bands every night. Radio Birdman, Flowers, Sports and JoJoZep spring to mind there.  

Favourite piece of gear and what gear that you still use today has been with you the longest?  

I own a 70s Black Gretsch with 24″ kick drum, 18″ floor Tom and 14″ rack that I bought for 350 pounds in London in 1983 when I was there, in the Moodists. You mic it up and it sounds beautiful… it’s perfect. I have recorded with it on 35 or more albums since 1983.  

What are your top 3 albums?

My top 3 albums . . Tupacs ‘All Eyes on Me’’s a double album..all killer no filler.!!!

Urge Overkill’s ‘Saturation’ is a rock classic

Beverley and John Martyn’s ‘The Road to Ruin’ is a fave British folk classic.  

What’s your latest release/recording?  

Dave Graney and I have our new live album out at the moment. It was recorded on tour in Europe and the U.K. in 2017 and features Malcolm Ross (Josef K and Orange Juice ) on guitar and Georgio “the dove’ Valentino on bass.  

Any upcoming live/streaming gigs? (also, what’s your scene?)  

Since March Dave Graney and I have been playing weekly online shows over an online platform called Stageit. We really enjoy playing and spend the week learning old songs and cover versions for each show. We play every Thursday at 8pm and every second Sunday at 7am for people in the UK,Europe and US. That is my scene right now…! 

About Clare Moore

Clare Moore – drums/percussion/vibes/keys/melodica/vocals
Started out in the Moodists. Then there was Dave Graney ‘n’ the Coral Snakes. Now Dave Graney and the mistLY and Dave Graney and Clare Moore. Along the way there was the Dames. and Harry Howard and the NDE. Also the Routines.

Involved in the writing, production, recording, mixing and releasing of
approximately 35 albums.

Clare Moore inducted into South Australian Music Hall Of Fame December 2019. Current album Clare Moore and Dave Graney with Georgio “the dove”
Valentino and Malcolm Ross. Nominated at the 2018 OZFLIX awards for best original soundtrack (with Dave Graney) for the Donna McRae film, “LOST GULLY ROAD”.

Feted as Melbourne Music Legends by City of Yarra/Leaps and Bounds Festival in A concert given with a cavalcade of Melbourne musicians young and vintage playing Dave Graney and Clare Moore songs.

Voted Best Live Act by readers of Fairfax for the Age EG Music Awards 2011.
Best Music Act at 2007 Melbourne Fringe for the show POINT BLANK.
ARIA award nomination best Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album 2003
ARIA award winner best video 1997.
ARIA certified Gold Record award for the Soft ‘n’ Sexy Sound 1996
ARIA award nomination , Best Producer 1996
ARIA award nomination for Best Video 1995
ARIA award nomination for Best Alternative Album1994.

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