An undulating ode to losing yourself to love, the lustrous new single Ondas (released today) from Sydney producer and singer-songwriter Driftwood. is a celebration of rich culture, fluidity and wavy alt-R&B, also featuring guest vocals from Colombian singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Junior Zamora. And equally celebrating the cultural collision between Driftwood. and Junior, the track’s accompanying music video, also out today, features both artists in Junior’s hometown Cali, Colombia, also amplifying the Afro and Latin rhythms percolating throughout.

Drawing electronic and world music influences into Driftwood.’s trademark contemporary R&B sonic vernacular, Ondas showcases the Sydney artist’s knack for slick production and effortless arrangements, complete with ambient hues and humid yet crisp beats; a perfect reflection of both Driftwood.’s recent global travels and the single’s underlying narrative about allowing oneself to love. “Ondas is a love song,” shares Driftwood. of his latest release. “It’s about moving through life and allowing yourself to love. The first line is “Fell in love in another place”, and it’s about being free to be in love and share It. I love the idea of “slow dance on the sidewalk’, it’s a romantic concept. Being brave enough and poetic enough to be in a moment like that with someone in public is fire. Last year I spent time in Africa and Colombia as well as Mexico and New York and London, and I would say culture and people and environments, communities and my experiences shaped the sound more than anything”. With the word “ondas” translating to mean waves, both of the ocean and vibrational, the rippled end result of Ondas, with the seamless inclusion of Junior Zamora singing a delectable verse completely in Spanish is calmly unforgettable; a fact solidified via production by Driftwood. himself, production, mixing and mastering by Joel Nicell, guest keys and vocal tracking by Mitchell Sloan (for Driftwood) and Tiago Montesdeoca (for Junior), and guest guitarwork courtesy of Jeronimo Gonzalez.

Snapshotting the exciting new creative space Driftwood. has continued to emerge into throughout his artistic journey so far, the accompanying music video for Ondas fittingly pays homage to culture, love and creative expression. Marking yet another visual outing from Driftwood., with his storied history of handcrafted visual productions increasingly in his wake, the clip for Ondas, directed by Driftwood. himself and DOP duties courtesy of Julian Lopes, effortlessly complements the Colombian sonic influences in the single, bringing the smooth and immersive track to vivid life. “I was in Cali, Colombia on tour,” says Driftwood. of making the new clip. “I had a day planned to shoot the video. We went out and shot the whole thing in one day. The energy, the feel and the colours really show Cali, Colombia for its vibe, style and feel. It was super special being from Australia shooting a video in Colombia.”

A multi-faceted creative drive by raw settings, individualism and emotive authenticity, Driftwood. continues to effortlessly charm with each sonic outing since first emerging onto the scene in 2015. Recently unveiling singles 3AMHold Onto Your LightAUNTIE and a remix of his 2017 single Logout in 2022, Driftwood. has also recently extensively toured overseas, with the talented artist also claiming singles featured as one of Rolling Stone’s ‘Song You Need To Know’ alongside some stellar collaborations along the way. 2023 is commencing in a memorable way for Driftwood., and Ondas is only just the beginning, as Driftwood. concludes: “I’m in an incredible place creatively, I can’t really explain it, and I’m so excited to be releasing Ondas.”

Ondas feat. Junior Zamora is out today, Thursday February 23.

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