Scene News: DAVEY LANE Releases New Album ‘DON’T BANK YOUR HEART ON IT’

Davey Lane has released his brand new solo album Don’t Bank Your Heart On It, an LP that truly signals his arrival as a songwriter and singer to match his musical skills… and he has done so with some of his greatest musical allies from Jimmy Barnes, Todd Rundgren, Vika & Linda, Robyn Hitchcock, Stu Mackenzie of King Gizzard, his You Am I bandmate Tim Rogers and Tommy Stinson of The Replacements.

Of the writing of the album Davey muses “I envisaged it to be like a dream mixtape of some of my favourite artists but with songs I’d written myself.”

Don’t Bank Your Heart is a genre-defying masterpiece, swinging from stomping glam-rock to wondrous orchestral psych-popfrom synth instrumental I Look Inside through the cinematic pop of You Were A Mirage through to the ‘60s-tinged melodic glories of Beguile Me, Palindrome and Affection’s Walking the Wires.

As the title suggests, the lyrical theme is deeply personal, about moving on both physically and emotionally, following the arc of a relationship breaking down, through pain and guilt via subsequent heartbreak and life mistakes, questioning the validity of one’s existence, to acceptance and hope.

“For the first time I feel like I’m not just writing lyrics that feel good phonetically but I have written an record that really means something. I’m properly pouring my heart down onto tape, but not without a sense of humour at times…very important!” Davey writes.

Alongside the album Davey Lane has also released an official video for the latest track off the record, Acceptance, featuring Todd Rundgren and Vika & Linda. The clip, created and edited by none other than Lane himself features the four as floating heads through a cyber wonderland cut together with flashes of instrumentation.

Of the video and single ‘Acceptance’ Davey Lane writes “My record tracks an odd couple of years in my life – falling outta love, fallin in love again, gettin’ your heart broken, questioning your own existence as a result – all themes that are well-worn fodder for the singer-songwriter of course. A gateway from things such as these to the rest of one’s life is acceptance. Acceptance is a concept we all grapple with at times, seemingly now moreso than ever. I started writing a song about it, and since acceptance can only be grasped (for me anyhow) with the help of wiser, kinder, worldlier folk around me, I thought I’d ask three of my musical heroes to deliver the answers to the existential questions I was asking of myself at the time I was writing it. Thankfully they said yes, and it’s the utmost honour of mine to have Todd Rundgren and Vika & Linda play the wisened wizards ’n angels to my hapless fool…

Overall Davey Lane’s latest offering ‘Don’t Bank Your Heart On It’ is a musical journey that drifts effortlessly and confidently between the atmospheric synth balladry of I’ll Swim Ashore,  heartland ‘80’s rock/pop stylings of A Clear Road, bombastic rock anthems like Never Ever Comin’ Back Again, the Beastie Boys-esque hip-hop/rock of Gotcha Money On Yr Mind to the psychedelic punk of I’ll Set U Free. And that’s just the first 5 tracks (of 13). All blending to create an album of heart-on-sleeve honesty that is as full of visceral energy as it is deep melancholy and introspection.




1. I’ll Swim Ashore
2. A Clear Road
3. Never Ever Comin’ Back Again
4. Gotcha Money On Yr Mind (w/Jimmy Barnes)
5. I’ll Set U Free (w/Stu Mackenzie)
6. Some Other Wonder
1. Beguile Me, Palindrome
2. Affection’s Walkin’ The Wires
3. You Were A Mirage
4. I Look Inside…
5. Leave It To The Moderns
6. Acceptance (w/Todd Rundgrem and Vika & Linda)
7. I’m Yer Wonder Fool