Scene News: Man VS Synth Announce ‘Self-titled’ EP Out 14th June

Melbourne-based Indie Synth Pop outfit Man Vs Synth have written, recorded, and produced this ambitious debut EP themselves. Man vs Synth, frontman Mathew Farry has engrossed himself in the project for over a year and half with the inspiration for the EP emerging from personal experiences, proclaiming stories of love found, love lost and loneliness.

The lead single, Perfect Picture, draws influence from 80s synth pop, fusing analogue and acoustic sounds to produce a contemplative and ethereal piece. Combining cavernous synthesiser tones with piercing guitar refrains – a heavy emphasis on rhythm resides at the core of this project that sees Man vs Synth venture into seldom-explored, genre-defying territory.

“The EP explores life, death and rebirth. That feeling of going over the edge because you’re burnt out and you can see everything around you falling apart” says Farry. “It came to a point where there was some stuff happening in my personal life and I just knew I had to put them into a song and that it was only something I could sing. The first song I wrote and recorded was Perfect Picture and it was definitely the hardest one to write but the most rewarding.”


Perfect Picture will be the first single released from Man Vs Synth on Friday 17th May followed by the EP on Friday 14th June. Both will be available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Official Website:
Instagram: @manvssynth
Twitter: @manvssynth

01 Perfect Picture
02 Get Down
03 Fall Apart
04 Embrasse Moi
05 With Bliss Comes Recovery
06 Onwards

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