Scene News: Kaiser Chiefs Announce New Album ‘Duck’

Duck is the sound of one of the most successful British guitar bands of the millennium reclaiming the creative swagger that underpins their strongest work. “It’s undeniably fantastic and undeniably Kaiser Chiefs,” says frontman RickyWilson.Their seventh record will be preceded byRecord Collection, the first piece of new musictaken from the album, as well as a huge show at Elland Road Stadium on June 8th, a homecoming gig with stature needing no explanation.

A surging indie pop anthem, Record Collection captures the upliftingmelodies and effortless songcraft of the new album. “It came quickly,”says Wilson of its creation. “It’s a vibe. It’s about the internet andfrustration with the internet, about how it rules our lives but we don’treally understand what it is and how we just click accept.”Alongside the huge anthem People Know How To Love One Another,Record Collection led the way when, at the start of 2018, Duck started totake shape during recording sessions in Wales and England.

Duck was recorded and mixed with producer Ben H. Allen, whopreviously collaborated with the band on 2014’s number one albumEducation, Education, Education & War. Other production collaboratorsinclude and Iain Archer (LiamGallagher,James Bay) with additionalmixing byMark“Spike” Stent (U2, Ed Sheeran, Arcade Fire) who worked with Kaiser Chiefs on defining single Everyday I Love You Less andLess.

It’s a record that harks back to the everyday explorations of theirbreakthrough early albums. “We wanted to do something that had aKaiser ChiefsDNA but still try and do something different” says bassistSimon Rix. “It has the right spirit.”

Fifteen years into their career, the band, completed byAndrew “Whitey”White (guitar), Peanut (keyboards) and Vijay Mistry (drums), are hittingnew artistic peaks. “It’s more exciting than it’s ever been,” says Wilson.“Every time there’s a big obstacle, it just gets blown away in the wind like a dandelion. We’re still selling out arenas but under the radar. We canmake albums forever.”

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