Scene News: Full Stop Fest – Sat, May 11. Stopping Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence, Full Stop

Saturday, May 11


Stopping Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence,

Full Stop

Live music entertainment is a great love for Marianna Bouyiouris & Olivia Reppas.

They have come together and founded The Muses,running niche music festivals that have a solid imprint on Victoria’s annual music calendar.

This coming together will see a great impact of interest, in particular, the annual event being a charity gig for sexual abuse and domestic violence survivors.

All profits from this event will be donated to the Full Stop Foundation.


Scaphis || Crystal Ignite || Trigger || Flynn Effect||

Atomic Death SquadDemonhead || Suldusk || Horizon’s Edge||

Interitum (TAS) || Filth Dimension || Paper Souls (TAS)||

Monarchus || The Ménage || Valkyrie Odin

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Saturday, May 11 BENDIGO HOTEL, COLLINGWOOD Stopping Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence, Full Stop

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