Scene News: Dinosaur Beard debuts new slice of experimental folk with new single, ‘Dialect Drum’

Melbourne’s Dinosaur Beard has returned with a new slice of glossed out sounds in ‘Dialect Drum’; as the first release from the artist – aka songwriter Adam Finnegan – for 2019, ‘Dialect Drum’ carries the listener along in comfort, dripping with charm and hazy flair. A slow burner that garners attention and captivates as it bends and threads together flawless guitars and melodies, Dinosaur Beard’s latest is a warm and welcome return from one of Melbourne’s exciting new artists.

Recorded at Melbourne’s Fallback Studios back in January with producer Aaron Dobos (The Avalanches, British India), ‘Dialect Drum’ captures Dinosaur Beard in a rhythmic and melodic pocket where he really shines. “It’s a tale of breaking through those egoic walls that can hold people back at the start of a relationship and having the courage to be open and vulnerable to each other for the first time. When creating this song with my mate Aaron Dobos, we really tried to encapsulate that feeling within the mood of the song. We have a no rules approach in the studio, the weirder the better.” Dinosaur Beard

The song plays with light and dark tones beautifully, while Dobos’ production ties the sonic ups and downs together seamlessly. With a sound akin to the likes of Kurt Vile and Beck, Dinosaur Beard soothes with his vocals, while the arrangement brings the song into a clean, dreamlike atmosphere.

With live shows in the pipeline for 2019, the release of ‘Dialect Drum’ is the start of a brand new chapter for Dinosaur Beard. A seasoned musician and artist, Dinosaur Beard’s approach to his craft has been a meticulous one. A craft that audiences and listeners can look forward to hearing more of very soon.

‘Dialect Drum’ is released Friday 10th May 2019
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