Scene News: Chinese Underground band Birdstriking Tour Melbourne in October

Birdstriking are one of the pioneers of the current Chinese Underground scene. Formed in 2009 in Beijing, they were one of the first bands on the Beijing scene to draw their influences as much from the Chinese scene around them as well Western influences and creating their own unique sound that has won them fans around the globe. 

The band quickly gained a reputation as one of the best bands on the Beijing scene with their spirited shows, combining the noise and energy of punk rock, with a sophisticated melodic sensibility that weaves simple, precise guitar hooks into intricate sonic tapestries.

Their performances are like a rollercoaster ride moving from punk anthems, to soaring guitar workouts to psychedelic meltdowns. Anyone who was lucky enough to have seen the band on their last Australian tour in February 2017 will tell you that they are a spectacular live band. 

Since then the band have released a second album Holey Brain, and completed their first headline tour of the UK while graduating to the festival circuit in their native China.

They’re coming back to Australia for an exclusive run of Melbourne shows to celebrate the band’s 10th anniversary, along with a batch of new material in tow in preparation for their 3rd album.

The band are playing 4 shows in Melbourne in October.

Dates are:

Thursday October 17
Globe Alley – Melbourne
With Mote and Middle Management

Friday October 18
Tanswells Commercial Hote – Beechworth
With Walkerville

Sunday October 20
The Tote – Collingwood
With Mote and Spawn

Tuesday October 22
Melbourne University – Parkville
With Dead Eyes

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