Scene News: ’90s Fuzz Monsters FRIDGE come out of deep thaw!

1990’s band Fridge have come out of deep thaw to play a run of shows across the country. After a few shows with Tumbleweed in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, the band plays it’s first headline shows in decades in Melbourne and Geelong in July.
Fridge started out in Tasmania in 1991 but moved to Melbourne not long after to show to all and sundry their appreciation and fabulous execution of scuzzed out fuzz rock. They quickly grew an affinity with both the Melbourne and Geelong crowds, playing many a show in each town and gracing the stage with such luminaries as Cosmic Psychos, Spiderbait, Bored!, Tumbleweed, Hard-Ons, The Meanies, Celibate Rifles, Beasts of Bourbon – you get the gist. They also scored supports with Iggy Pop, Rollins Band, and Monster Magnet.
FRIDGE released a couple of cracking singles “Green Room” and “Space Junk” and the albums Cactus and An Intoxicating Breath of Fresh Air, presenting their own brand of hi-energy, in-your-face rock, with cool melodies and heavy riffs, harmony within chaos.
When it was all over members showed up in Tumbleweed, Richie and the Creeps and most recently King Parrot.

Tumbleweed’s Richie on Fridge: 
“We had heard rumours about this band of fuzzed out long hairs from Tassie, but the first time I saw them was the Meanies’ Gangrenous launch at the Club in Collingwood in 92. I remember rocking up to the gig and we were hit by an almighty wall of warm fuzz and hair and human bodies heaving. They were certainly drawing from a common well as us. Backstage we hit it off immediately with our shared love of music and we have remained firm friends ever since. Both Al and Phil have played in Tumbleweed at various stages over the years, and Al played in Richie and the Creeps and in my Richie and Friends solo shows a few years back. Phil is now living in Wollongong and is our live mixer these days. Squiz is now famous as the guitarist in King Parrot, and he still rocks up to every Melbourne show and sleeps on our couch and Tony was the one that got away to greener pastures, so it’ll be great to drag him out of his Tasmanian hibernation! They are our brothers!  Fridge for the first time in 25 years! “

Fridge’s two classic albums are available from High Kick Records on Bandcamp here, and a previously unreleased version of the track “Weapon” appeared on the 2021 compilation Loud As Ever – Sound As Ever Compilation # 3, released by Sound As Ever, and is available here
FRIDGE will hit the Evelyn Hotel stage on Friday 15th July, with special guests 90’s dynamic post-punk pop trio MOLER, and Wollongong noise-rock outfit APE RIB.

And then they play The Barwon Club in Geelong on Saturday 16th July with old mates ROOTBEER, and APE RIB.

Fridge “Get What You Want” –  from the album Cactus, released 1994