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Tell Us About Your Single/Album/Tour:
I have just released my first EP called Zone OutIt is a 5 track albumcontaining the stories, inspirations and philosophies I have written aboutfrom tuning out the rest of the world and tapping into my own. I have been zoning out on reality to use my imagination, as long as I have been walking and talking. Not always on purpose or to be rude, but because it’s an integral part of how my brain works. There are so many different ways to be intelligent. Solid practicality and hard, cold logic aren’t the only ways to be smart. The world is constantly telling you to “stop day dreaming and deep thinking, accept how the world already is and to get your head out of the clouds.” I’m here to tell you it’s all lies. Different is good, tapping into your brilliant dreams, thoughts and ideas, is an immensely worthwhile cleverness. Be yourself! Create change! See where the world takes you. Take a page from my book, let your mind run wild for a while and zone out. Who knows where it will take you!?
How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
My sound is like a snow cone at a fun fair on a sunny day. Super chill and simple, but there’s so many cool flavours.
Tell us a short, on the road or studio anecdote:
I put a lot of emotion into my music, from the way I write to the way I sing. When recording Shooting Daisies, I wasn’t getting it right straight away key wise and melody wise. I had a listen with Andrew in the Mixing Booth and I knew it was because I wrote it at a time when the emotions I felt had been so strong, that so much time had now passed, I had forgotten how it felt. I went to try again, but this time I looked up, “Real life War Injuries,” and other inhumane things that come from gun violence on Google Images. And it worked! I don’t remember if I told Andrew what I was doing, I think he thought I was just looking at the lyrics, but afterwards he was like, “yeah! Keep doing it like that!”
What or Who Inspires You?
My biggest inspiration is Doctor Who! I am literally obsessed with it! To the point where I watch and follow it almost religiously. I was an incredibly messed up and misunderstood kid. I faced abuse in my family life, and was bullied and ostracized by my peers in my school life. At 9 years old, I already felt like I was all alone and no one understood me. I have lived my life feeling like an alien on the outside looking in. Then one day I happened to switch to ABC2 on a Monday night and watched my first episode of Doctor Who. The Doctor was the first time I saw a character that really felt like me. To see yourself represented and be able to think – hey! That’s me! Is so important for anyone of any age, it makes you feel so much less alone. It was my biggest motivation in my hardest times and where I drew strength and support for the further tragedy in my life that followed. From that day forward, The Doctor taught me there are other ways to live. That we are not what has happened to us, but who we choose to be. We can always choose to be smarter, kinder and wiser. I don’t know who I would be today without Doctor Who. 
Which Song Do You Wish You Wrote:
Karen Don't Be Sad by Miley Cyrus and The Flaming Lips. It was a song that really helped me through my high school years, and I one day aim to write a song so impactful and inspirational.
What's next for you?
Completing and writing/directing my music videos for the album. I really want to make the messages within my songs come to life visually. I’ve written more songs and I hope to make another EP or album soon! I also want to find a way to donate money through my music to charities to help those in need.
What’s your scene?
Anywhere colourful, active and spontaneous.

Jessie-May  was born in Hobart and grew up on the NSW Central Coast. She started writing songs at five and Performing Arts became her escape from a tough family life.

The debut EP Zone Out follows her successful singles and videos-
Teen Love, Coffee Shop and Star Child from 2018-2019.

Have you ever been so deep in thought that the world disappears and suddenly you are detached from the physical plane, and all you know is what you are thinking about? Like a switch has been flicked and the real world just isn’t there anymore. Most people say they do occasionally or brag that they scandalously day dream whilst doing chores and leave their body on autopilot for a little while.

Ever since I can remember, I have been switching back and forth from this world to my own, I just Zone Out. It’s an integral part of who I am. Zoning out has brought me so many brilliant ideas, inspirations and creations to my life.

There are many different ways to be smart and tuning out reality, tapping into your imagination is a skilled, worthwhile cleverness. I wanted to use this EP to bring my world to you. My stories, thoughts and philosophies in every song, courtesy of tuning out the rest of the world and tapping into my own.

So, give it a go! Find a safe place of your own, listen to the music, let your imagination run wild and Zone Out.”

[photo by Tony Mott]

Radio Track Descriptions:
Blue Skies
Along with the video Jessie’s new single features a lyrical story of optimism and happiness, overlaying a hybrid acoustic and keyboard driven rhythm track.

Calm In The Eye Of The Storm
Some more great messages in Jessie’s lyrics – “it’s all lies within your perception of your own reality – you either choose defeat or to be calm amidst the chaos.”  With a more uptempo and guitar driven backing track, along with a catchy keys melody – another great track.

Head In The Clouds
A note to her younger self, this song features similar production values to the rest of the EP, lush keyboards, full guitars, solid beats and hooky melodies.

Jessie May Kitchen – Zone Out is out NOW through Foghorn Records / MGM Distribution.

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