Scene News: Drive-in Gigs needs your help

We have a rocking plan. Drive-in Gigs has received vast support from artists, production crews, local venues, hospitality workers, producers, technologists and fans. Your contribution has been contagious and we thank you on behalf of everyone ready to get our Arts economy moving again.

Where the chaos is. We have not yet received the support the Arts economy needs from Victoria’s State Government to start and progress conversation on recovery projects. We need our artists getting paid gigs, which brings with it movement across the Arts economy. We need to be paying people now to plan and build innovative Arts projects that can safely operate in the Covid-19 world today and in a year.

The Arts contributes to mental health. Closing the Arts has closed access to our cultural healing as we grieve the loss of life and transform into the unknown world ahead. We need paid live gigs – that comply with social safety measures – to lift community spirits from nursing homes to shopping strips and open land drive-ins.

The Arts recovery plan. Victorians are inventing ways to get the Arts moving again. We are local businesses, sole traders and workers who need a recovery plan from the Victorian Government. While we are waiting for the plan, we ask for the support of local-led initiatives to generate safe paid gigs. Please help us start Victoria’s conversation on getting our Arts economy into recovery by signing our petition to the Victorian State Government! Thanks for being part of Drive-in Gigs and keeping the music alive in 2020.
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