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Seven Seeds takes its name from the precious cargo which Baba Budan smuggled out of Yemen and into India during the 17th century. By strapping seven seeds of fertile coffee to his waist, Brother Budan broke through the tightly regulated system which had, until then, kept coffee cultivation within the confines of the Arabic world. Because of Baba Budan and his determination to spread coffee around the world, we are now able to source beans from the Americas, Africa and Asia.”

Seven Seeds is a coffee institution that this scribe has frequented since it’s humble beginnings when lunch offerings consisted of a myriad of toasted sandwiches served with fine coffee. Now the full cooked breakfast and lunch menu sees communal tables and chairs packed with students and workers around the Carlton area, and from the University of Melbourne. Weekly lunchtime visits during the day job have meant repeated sampling of the lunch menu. Confit duck salad with freekah, corn, shaved vegetables and a soy-lime dressing $18 is light, full flavoured, the duck is tender accompanied by the right blend of vegetables and dressing, and is washed down with a smooth cold brew $4, perfect for the sultry Melbourne summer.


All items on the menu are of consistently high quality, and the cabinet fully stocked with desserts such as home baked glazed donuts, muffins, cakes, slices and pastries prove a temptation when paying the bill. The industrial warehouse feel, exposed brick work, and wooden beams, buzzing atmosphere, along with the high quality of food on offer make Seven Seeds an essential lunchtime destination.

Hours:Mon- Sat 7am- 5pm

Sun 8am- 5pm

Public cupping Wed 9am + Sat 10am

Address: 106 Berkeley St, Carlton

Ph 9347 8664


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