Food Review Scene: Chadstone Food Trucks- Smokin Barry’s Slow Cooked BBQ

smokin barrys

As summer and the silly season kicks in, more patrons are visiting Chaddie’s Food Trucks on Friday night to eat a bite and do some X-mas shopping.

Tonight’s selection was based on a hankering for something spicy and filling. Smokin Barry’s Slow Cooked Barbecue, Barry Williams $13 mammoth roll fit the bill perfectly. Names of dishes are a variation on the theme of Barry which is a nice touch. Prices are a tad steep.

The Barry Williams consisted of pulled Pork with a generous amount of home made sauce, guacamole and liberal slices of pickled jalapeño. The roll was tasty and filled with a generous amount of tender, juicy pulled pork, and had a mild smoky BBQ flavour, rather than a more pronounced one typical of authentic US fare. Jalapeño and Guacamole complemented the meat well, and the jalapeno wasn’t too hot. Overall a satisfying meal for a hungry punter.

Lbarry williamsicensing laws prevent alcohol being served in the food truck area, and this is definitely food that can be enjoyed with a crisp beer or two.
Coke courtesy of Coles :)

Chadstone Shopping Centre,

1341 Dandenong Road Chadstone 3148
Telephone: (03) 9563 3355

11AM- 10PM Until Sunday 3rd January 2016.

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