Food Review Scene: Chadstone Food Trucks, Chadstone Shopping Centre

Meeting my shopping partner in crime at Chaddie has been a Friday night ritual for the past 7 years. We meet at the wonderful Caffe Vini E Spuntini and indulge in  fine coffee and dessert. Coffee is always followed by shopping.  The only change to our routine has been discovering the food trucks. Since the 17th of November, the area outside Coles has been converted into a Food Truck haven. Food Trucks which are so popular in the CBD and its surrounds have finally infiltrated the burbs. The usual suspects are on offer, Sliders, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Greek Street Food, Po Boys, Gelati and more. My aim is to try a different truck each Friday.

On this particular occasion, curiousity was piqued by the Speedy Gonzales Mexican-Asian Fusion Truck. I chose Chicken Tacos and Corn Chips, with sides of Avocado and Sour Cream $3 each. The bill came close to $20, which is an expensive option for street food. When I inquired about the fusion, the girl behind the counter looked at me blankly and didn’t understand what I asked. In this case the fusion part of the meal, which I discovered for my self was the kimchi inside the soft taco.  Was it worth $20 ? No. Did Kimchi enhance the taco ? No. The taco was edible, but the chicken was on the bland side made a little more appealing by the addition of sour cream and avocado. This is one fusion fad  that may not last past the summer, particularly when there are a multitude of fine quality mexican food options in Melbourne.

Next week I hope to have a more favourable food truck experience at Chad. Or it’s back to the fine homemade pasta washed down with a Prosecco at Caffe Vini E Spuntini.


Chadstone Shopping Centre,

1341 Dandenong Road Chadstone 3148
Telephone: (03) 9563 3355

11AM- 10PM Until Sunday 3rd January 2016.


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