Feature Scene: Track by Track: Gypsy Mojo with The Hollerin Sluggers

The Hollerin Sluggers

GYPSY MOJO Album Track-by-Track

Hush Hoggies Hush

A Southern Rock tune inspired by a 1935 Southern American Folk film featuring resident of Mississippi, Tom Johnson. Tom was famous for his praying pigs that he trained to receive the “Blessing” before tucking into the swill.

“That harp on Hush Hoggies would not be amiss on an early Yardbirds’ track, but the guys have, again, made this their very own and the guitar work that follows would easily please the likes of Mick Taylor.” – Tony Bates Uncut and Unsigned 3MDR.com 97.1 FM.

Going Up the River

A swampy country shuffle overlayed with gritty harmonica inspired by Andy’s love of fishing, the track produces imagery of the swamp and the Blues favourite fish “the Catfish”. The simple things in life are always the best, going fishing and taking your catch home to the Mrs and hopefully reaping the rewards.

Gypsy Mojo

The title track of the album, is a swampy stomp blues harp / slide guitar driven tale of a man’s desire for a woman’s love and affection and his willingness to go to any lengths to get her.

Shut Up n Dance

A self-explanatory high energy rocker. We don’t care what you do , what you say or how you live or how you pray just raise your hands in to the air shake your body like you don’t care and Shut Up n Dance. “Shut up and Dance is a song for our times with powerful lyrics and revivalist rock that sets The Hollerin’ Sluggers apart from others; take in that percussion and listen to those guitars inter-weaving with the vocals, outstanding!” – Tony Bates Uncut and Unsigned 3MDR.com 97.1 FM.

Rocking Saturday Night

A high energy Rockabilly tale of waking up Saturday morning after a week at work a wallet full of cash and wanting to get your party on. Only to have the night turn sour by a bouncer at a night club. Like Groundhog Day you get up Sunday morning a little worse for wear only to do it all again next Saturday Night. We never learn.

Train to Nowhere

Eventually we all leave this life, boarding the train of death heading out to nowhere. The tune Mirrors the stages of life, starting out slow in the early years before heading full steam in the middle with all of life’s chaos before slowly running out of puff on the downward run to end of the line.

Train to Nowhere is Reminiscent of a Bad Company number that they never got around to either record or write! The Hollerin’ Sluggers know how to construct a song and deliver it powerfully without going overboard; no false economies here and there is no sight of a synth (fortunately) anywhere. This is ballsy music made for all to enjoy. True music as the maestros of this genre performed back in the heady days of the 70’s.” – Tony Bates Uncut and Unsigned 3MDR.com 97.1 FM.


5 Cent Fool

Politicians get under our noses and interfere in our everyday lives, locking us out of where we want to go, looking after the rich and selling our land off to big business. This is the Sluggers venture into protest blues written at the time when lock out laws, casinos and dish lickers where the topic of the day in NSW.

On Your Feet Again

A heart wrenching ballad where beautiful acoustic meets electrifying  slide guitar with power drumming that inspires you to get up on your feet and move on after falling down. We’ve all been there!

Nothing You Haven’t tried

New Orleans meets Narrabeen in this sexy groove track that draws on the sympathetic devilish mind of a barfly proudly boasting of his upstairs sinful conquest. Infectious percussion and blistering guitar solos with sinister vocals that will get your hips shaking and feet  tapping to the Sluggers’ twist on the Bo Diddley beat.

City Streets

The solid pounding bass underpinned by with big drums and tightly locked together with tasteful guitars full of imagery. This bluesy rocker puts the listener into the dark lonely streets of the city, where cars move slowly and strange people get lost in the night.

Writings on the Wall

The Slugger’s deliver a heavy groove shuffle that explodes in your face, prophetically warning that one guy that knows everything and wants to stick it to you, that eventually he will read the writing on the wall.

My Best Friend

“She ran off with my best friend” sums up this power funky riffy tale of rejection.  Inspired by the real life tale endured by a work buddy, an often repeated scenario in the game of life.


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